Technological advances have made our lives easier but tough at the same time. Technology when used by the wrong hands can cause more harm than any good. Social media is one such technological platform that allows people to interact with each other through online platforms and share their views, ideas, and thoughts. Social media has managed to make things easier for many people, however, the negativity that social media has managed to spread in the past few years has created havoc in society. More people are feeling depressed, lonely, and unhappy, thus, increasing the suicide rates around the world. 

Many companies are adopting transparency in social media to make these platforms a better place. Transparency allows companies to manage their clients better and improve their image in the market. Transparency when managing social handles can help businesses create an environment that boosts their business while keeping the clients loyal and happy with the business and with themselves as well. 

Here are some reasons why transparency is becoming more important in social media platforms today than ever.

  1. Creates Trusting Relations With Clients

If the companies are being transparent While handling their social media accounts, they can manage to build trusting relationships with their clients. Being transparent on social media means accepting the flaws or drawbacks that a company’s decision or a product might have caused, and then apologizing. If the companies are transparent with their marketing tactics, they can build more trusting relations with their customers. A trusting customer is always a loyal customer, that will benefit a business more than just a one-time buyer. 

For example, if a burger seller is showing the unrealistic size of his product through photoshop and other editing tools, then he is deceiving his clients. The clients will be disappointed with the actual product. Showing the product in actual shape, size, and the color is one example of transparent marketing. 

  1. Improves Brand Image

When a company is being transparent on its various social media platforms, then they are creating a positive image of its brand. A positive brand image can help a business grow by attracting more clients that remain loyal to the brand. 

Companies can build a positive image of their brand by accepting the flaws and the mistakes their product, service, or a certain decision might have made and has affected the public in one way or the other. Accepting the mistakes and promising to do better in the future can help a business grow in the market. Transparency means that businesses are open and true about themselves and tell their customers honestly about how they run their business.  

  1. Promotes Positivity On Social Platforms 

Transparency promotes positivity. Social media platforms today are unfortunately filled with negative remarks and comments. People criticize others for the sake of criticism,  without any positive outcomes. This culture is promoted because of the lack of transparency. 

As businesses today are understanding the importance of being transparent to their clients, they can help promote a positive environment on their social media platforms. When people are less judgemental and more supportive, businesses and individuals can grow better. 

  1. Promotes Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is crucial for people today. This is particularly because the world has seen negative outcomes of unrealistic standards for everything. For example, brands promote a healthy lifestyle by showing thin girls. Does that mean women who do not have slim waist are not leading a healthy lifestyle? This is not a transparent marketing strategy. 

When brands promote acceptance of oneself,  people automatically feel comfortable in their own skin. Many clothing brands today have started stitching clothes while keeping larger women in mind. This has increased their customer base while helping promote positivity in society. 

  1. Decreases Unnatural Expectations

Transparent social media marketing by brands, influencers, and even individuals can help decrease the unrealistic expectations that many people have associated with certain things. If a brand is not being transparent and shows altered results of their product, then people are going to assume that this thing works. Secondly, filters and photo editing tools have made the world think that only ‘the perfect’ can survive in society. 

However, there are people with different flaws that are natural. Such flaws are realistic and you can not hide them in real life. If the social media platforms are more realistic and transparent, people will not keep such high expectations from themselves, thus reducing the symptoms of depression and suicide rates. 

Final Words

Transparency is one of the important tools when it comes to marketing on social media platforms. Many companies have learned through experience that unrealistic and unauthentic marketing strategies only drift customers apart. However, if the company starts incorporating transparency in its marketing strategy, it can benefit more, all while promoting positivity in society.