There is nothing more pleasant than a feeling that makes you live, create, and be inspired. Falling in love is the best period to impress the beloved one when you have to do some crazy things and be romantic. Then what can be greater than a romantic date in front of the warm sea, under the sun and with your beloved person by your side. In case you decide to go on a trip to Dubai this summer, we want to inspire you and share 5 ideas on how to arrange a romantic date in this wonderful city.

The main component of any successful date is paying attention to details, which are often memorable and leave a good impression of the time spent together. Bouquet of flowers is always a great way to please your partner and a nice compliment to start a date. Very often, it is difficult to find the right bouquet in another country. If you want to avoid visiting a lot of flower stores, we recommend you to use a flower delivery service. On a site of the store you can choose in advance a proper flower bouquet, convenient time and place of the delivery, and voila everything is ready! Attentive specialists will help you to choose a perfect bouquet for your partner.

  • Dinner at the Burj Khalifa Skyscraper

For high feelings and emotions we suggest arranging a date at the highest restaurant in the world, and that is the Burj Khalifa Skyscraper. During the day you can visit the skyscraper to admire the panorama of the city, views of the vast desert and the island of Palma Jumeirah. After a delicious dinner in the evening there is an impossibly beautiful show of singing fountains at the foot of the skyscraper with famous compositions and popular Arabic melodies played every hour. Illuminated by dozens of spotlights, high streams of fountains rise into the sky, drawing a pattern in the air. Thousands of couples come here every evening to admire this beauty, that is why we advise you to book a table at the restaurant in advance, so you can look at the show also from the height.

  • A hot air balloon flight

Meeting the sunrise together in the sunlit summer desert in a hot air balloon, could you imagine a more romantic date? From a height of 1,000 meters you will admire a breathtaking view of the Arabian Desert. After the flight, you can have breakfast in the desert surrounded by a caravan of camels and accompanied by national music. 

  • Visiting Dubai Parks and Resorts theme park

Some people might think that theme parks would only be fun for kids, but that’s not the case. Dubai Parks and Resorts theme park is a great place for a fun romantic date. Evening is the best time to go to the park when the sun is almost down, then the neon lights of the amusement park create a cozy atmosphere. For sure you will remember such a date for a long time, as it will give you a lot of joyful emotions and new impressions.

  • Jeep Safari Trip

It is impossible to visit Dubai without going on a Jeep Safari in the desert. Get ready for an exciting journey through the desert, jumping on steep slopes and adrenaline rush – jeep safari will give you inexpressible emotions. At the end of the ride you’ll relax over a traditional dinner at the bedouin camp. Don’t forget to charge your phone or camera to capture the best moments.

  • Visit a SPA center

A romantic date at Dubai’s best spa is the best way to spend the whole day together. The SPA programs for two are a great opportunity to relax and spend time with a loved one. Choose a spa center, which provides the best services: different sorts of massages, hammam or a daycare complex for the whole day.

Choose the ideas you like the most and bring them to life, we wish you a great holiday!