Moms who manage their time more effectively can increase the amount of ‘me time’ they have. Studies show that the typical mom has just 32 minutes to herself each day, which is nowhere near enough time to truly relax. The role of mom typically involves working 98 hours per week, according to a study by Welch. So, if you want to manage your time more effectively, here are some top tips.

Automate your life

Automating as much of your life as possible will reduce the number of daily decisions you have to make. This will cut down your stress as the average person makes 35,000 decisions per day. Your finances are an obvious task to automate. Every single bill you have can be set up to be automatically paid, so there’s no need to worry about remembering dates or late payment fees ever again. You can also make home cleaning easier. A typical three-bedroom home takes around 3 hours per week to clean. Get yourself a robotic vacuum cleaner and you’ll cut this time down dramatically. When it comes to grocery shopping, skip visiting the store in person and have it all delivered. You can use your favorites and previously bought lists to add everything to your cart quickly.

Gift giving

If you’ve got school-aged children, you’ll be used to your children regularly being invited to parties. Stay one step ahead of the game by adding their friend’s birthdays to your electronic calendar as soon as you know the date. You can then use a birthday calculator to work out how long you’ve got until their next birthday. This will tell you the time in months, weeks, and days so you can decide how quickly to act. A week or two before the day, hop online and order a gift and you’re all sorted. As a woman, you’re likely spending far too much time shopping for holiday gifts. Statistics show that they shop around for 20 hours. As a busy mom, you don’t have the time for this. Top tips include minimizing your gift recipient list, giving gift cards or money rather than physical items, and picking up gifts throughout the year so you haven’t got to do it all in one go.

Get on top of life admin

Between 78% and 87% of children take part in after-school activities. If you find yourself stuck at weekly swimming classes, soccer matches, and drama groups, make sure you use this time wisely. Rather than sitting there chatting to fellow parents or playing pointless games on your phone to pass the time, catch up on emails, make a meal plan, book healthcare appointments, plan and RSVP to social events, and similar. You’ll be amazed at how much life admin you can complete in an hour. And you’ll be grateful for the extra time to yourself when you get back home, the kids go to bed, and you can put your feet up.

Life as a mom is far from easy, especially when you’re putting in all the hours possible. But there are things you can do to manage your time more effectively, including the tips highlighted above.