Every woman dreams of having a cascade of bouncy and shiny hair flowing down her shoulders. Unfortunately, our diet patterns, living style, and some environmental and genetic reasons make it impossible for women to achieve a head full of thick hair. Nothing much can be done to make your hair look fuller except for getting temporary or permanent hair extensions, but a lot can be done to maintain the health of your natural hair. Click here for the difference between new hair growth vs breakage.

If your hair is getting all the necessary nutrition and is growing healthy then you should love it the way they are. 

Here are some proven ways to maintain the good health of your hair. 

  1. Incorporate Proteins In Your Diet

A well-balanced diet is extremely important to maintain overall good health. However, hair needs some extra nutrition. Your hair is made of proteins, particularly Keratin. Therefore, you should consider incorporating protein into your diet. 

Proteins are the building blocks of the human body. All your muscles are also made from protein. Therefore, be mindful that you are incorporating,

  • Meat 
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Beans

in your diet. If you’re going deficient in certain nutrients, such as biotin, then you should consult your doctor to suggest you relevant supplements. Biotin supplements are proven to help maintain the health of skin, hair, and nails. 

  1. Cut Down On The Heat

Heat can damage your hair strands. This heat can be from excessive styling, hot showers, and exposure to direct sunlight, especially in the summer season when the intensity of sun rays is extremely high. Heat can break the polypeptide bonds that form your hair strands, thus making each strand look lifeless, dull, and frail. 

Look for styling options that can be achieved without using hair straighteners, curling irons, and other hair-styling appliances. You can use traditional curlers to style your hair. Put your moist hair in curlers and cover the head with a satin hair cap and leave it for a few hours or overnight. You can get neat and bouncy curls the next day. 

Use a scarf over your head when you have to go out in the sun. You can also wear a hat. Whatever looks fashionable and chic to you, incorporate hair accessories to cover your hair while in the sun.

Avoid taking hot showers. Hot water can take all the hydration out of your hair and skin making them thirsty and dry. You should go for lukewarm, or preferably cold water for washing your hair. 

  1. Wash Your Hair Properly

It depends on your hair type when you should shampoo your hair. If you have a dry scalp, your hair might go for a week without shampoo, whereas, an oily scalp might need shampooing twice or maybe thrice a week. However, avoid over-shampooing your hair. Chemicals can disturb the natural balance of your scalp, thus destroying the health of hair. 

You should shampoo by following the careful method as advised by the experts. You need to wash your scalp and not the hair strands. Therefore, use the product on the scalp and gently massage it to make it work. Then rinse off properly. Whereas, conditioner should be applied only on the strands away from the roots. 

  1. Use Natural Hair Masks Once A While

Like your skin, your hair needs some pampering too. You should invest in good quality hair products, such as hair serums, oils, masks, and hair mists. These products should be chosen after extensive research. If you are using the wrong product, it might cause more harm than any good. For example, if you are using a shampoo made for dry scalp, your oily scalp will produce more oil.

Hair masks are a great way to bring luster and shine to your dull and damaged hair. You can buy masks from reliable hair companies or you can make DIY hair masks at home. Choose ingredients that contain essential minerals and vitamins required by the hair, for example, Greek yogurt, egg, and mayonnaise show promising results.

  1. Brushing Helps

One thing that many women do not know is the importance of proper blood circulation in hair growth. Some women avoid brushing their hair as they think it might make them oily. Well, it is true if you have extremely oily hair.  However, brushing has more benefits to it. 

You should brush your scalp and detangle your hair with soft hands. Try brushing from the neck to the forehead. This reverse action can circulate the blood on your scalp, thus providing your hair with all the necessary nutrients through the blood. 

  1. Look For Pillow Cases

Your pillowcase should preferably be made of silk. Silk reduces the friction between the strands when you are sleeping, thus reducing breakage. You should also sleep with your hair loosely tied, preferably with a scrunchy. 

Your pillowcase should be clean. Natural hair oils and dirt may accumulate on the pillowcases after some days, which can cause hair issues. Therefore, make sure you are changing the sheets quite often.