Cooking at home has become easier and more convenient. Most homes have been using ordinary stoves with two up to four burners and have a bunch of other appliances for different kinds of cooking. While there is nothing wrong with having plenty of different appliances, it just takes up so much space and isn’t convenient anymore.


What is a Cooking Range?

A cooking range is a device where a stovetop of six to ten burners is combined with an oven or a broiler. It is an all-in-one cooking apparatus that can readily and conveniently allow you to prepare big meals for your family and guests without the need for more kitchen appliances that will take up plenty of your kitchen space.

It is a good thing that cooking ranges are readily available in the market these days.  Here are a few important things you must keep in mind before making that purchase.

Fuel Source

If you are building a new home, then you may get to choose your fuel source. In some cases, an existing connection will limit your options. 

Do you have the opportunity to choose your fuel source? If so, you might want to know what the difference is between both types.

Most home cooks prefer gas-type ranges because it allows them to have better control of the heat level which means you are more precise when making adjustments to temperature. The upside of having a gas-fueled range is that you can cook even when power is out. Conversely, running out of gas would not be a problem if you are using an electric type cooking range.

However, electric cooking ranges are usually easier to install and sometimes they are less expensive. If you buy a cooking range with an oven, they are known to provide more even heating as well.

Type of Range

The free-standing range has finished sides and usually fits existing openings. It is simpler to install because it just fits anywhere in your kitchen as long as there is an opening. There is no need for a special configuration or installation. This is the most commonly bought type of range.

Slide-in ranges need a customized opening when installed between cabinets. If an ergonomic and sleek-looking kitchen is important to you, you might want to consider this type of cooking range.

Size and Dimensions

The standard stove width is 30 inches. This is the standard dimension of the most widely used cooking ranges in households. If you have the space and you are most likely cooking for big groups and family events, you can choose a cooking range with bigger dimensions. This will allow you to use bigger pots and pans, and even have a few more burners than the standard cooking range.

Additional Features

With the help of modern technology, we have more opportunities for customization—especially with cooking ranges. Here are some extra features you may want to invest in.

Dual Fuel

This means that the cooking range can use both electric and gas fuel. The stove top may use gas while the oven uses electricity. 


This electricity type feature allows you to maintain a non-hot table-top surface which is excellent if you are clumsy in the kitchen. It is important to note that you must also use induction-ready pots and pans or else it won’t work.

Sealed Burners

The burners are sealed into the top part of the cooking range which means you no longer need to clean the bottom part of the burners.

Smart Appliance Features

New models in the market offer high technological features that make your cooking experience even better. If you are traditional, this probably would not entice you. But if you are into smart features, you may choose one of these news models as well. 

Self Cleaning Option

This is a feature in new ovens that allows your oven to clean itself using high heat to reduce food drips and debris and turn them into ashes. After that, you can easily just wipe them off using any kind of cloth.


This is a feature in ovens that bakers consider non-negotiable. A convection oven has built-in fans that allow the heat to better circulate inside the oven to achieve a more balanced distribution of the heat.