Washington DC is best known for its historical monuments and memorials but there is much more to the capital of the United States. Did you know that the Washington football team was not originally from Washington but Boston?

That aside, if you are scheduled to travel to this city for your next business trip, there’s no shortage of fun things to do here. In this article, we explore seven exciting things you can’t miss to try out in DC. Also make sure to find a furnished rental if looking for a comfortable place to stay while in the city.

For now, let’s dive in the fun!

Try out different cuisines

If you are a foodie, then you will have the time of your life in Washington DC. The city is global and cosmopolitan in every sense, including the food.

For Chinese delicacies, Copycat Co. will offer you more than you can handle. If you love your beer, the beer garden Biergarten Haus on H Street will quench your thirst.

Are cocktails your thing? Head out to Country Club still on H Street for all the Mexican cocktails you could think of. For sumptuous Indian delicacies, head out to Indigo. Finally, for amazing Ethiopian cuisine, check out Ethiopic.

Whatever cuisine you want to try out, rest assured you can find it in the capital.

Tour the Library of Congress

If you have an interest in American politics, you are likely to enjoy a private tour of the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, and Capitol Hill. Take a leisurely walk in the library’s main reading room and see famous artifacts and landmarks like the Thomas Jefferson Library and the Gutenberg Bible and tick these off your bucket list.

View the Monuments of Capitol Hill at night

A trip to Washington DC without viewing all the spectacular monuments that make the city stand out would not be complete. To enhance the experience, we highly recommend viewing these monuments at night and have your mind blown.

The Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials are some architectural masterpieces worth checking out while in DC. The World War II Memorial and Vietnam Memorial will give you some rich history too.

Take a walk through George Town

Few things can help take your mind off work or relax after a long day in office than taking a walk through George Town. This is arguably the most historic neighborhood of Washington DC with a lovely waterfront to boot.

View the Potomac River in all its glory as you enjoy delicious meals at the local restaurants and do some shopping if you’d like.

Experience theatrical productions at the JF Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

If theatrical productions are your thing, then you are in for a real treat at the JF Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. Make sure you book your tickets well in advance for the performances you’d like to see to avoid last minute rush or missing out on dream shows.

You can choose from musicals to concerts by the National Symphony and even free Millennium stage shows that happen every day at 6 PM.

Take advantage of the free tours offered at the center and explore all there is to see. While at it, be sure to get yourself or your loved ones a memento at the Kennedy Gift Center

Tour the city on a Segway

Touring DC on foot can be both tiring and time-consuming. Save yourself some time and energy and also see much more than you would on foot by taking a Segway tour of the city.

Enjoy amazing views of The FBI Building, The White House and The Lincoln Memorial. Make sure to take lots of photos for the gram!

Release some tension in a smash room

Trying to blow off some steam after dealing with some difficult clients all day? Why not try the smash room? Smash everything you see and get out feeling refreshed and having forgotten how hectic your day was.

If you love solving puzzles, work against the clock with colleagues after work trying to solve some puzzles in an escape room.

It’s a good time to have fun in the capital!

Traveling for business does not have to be boring or all serious. Take some time off work and try some or all of the above suggestions. You might be surprised at how much more productive you end up being when you take some time to enjoy things that are not work-related.

We hope you enjoy your time in DC and all the best with your business.