Epic rice dishes are a complete meal if you have the right recipe. As an added bonus, there is less preparation and cleanup when making a rice dish. Rice is versatile, so make use of its unlimited potential.

1. Nicaragua Arroz a la Valenciana

The mouthwatering and colorful NICARAGUA ARROZ A LA VALENCIANA is a Central American staple dish. The meaty bits are a nice touch, but it is the vegetables that separate it from saltier dishes like jambalaya. Nicaragua Arroz a la Valenciana consists of ham, sausage, chicken breast, peas and carrots. Spanish rice works best for this dish, although there are recipes that substitute it with a healthier alternative. But to get the full experience, white wine and sweet peppers can make or break the flavor profile. 

2. One Pot Greek Chicken and Lemon Rice

You can’t mention tasty rice dishes and not have a Greek choice as one of the best. Deliciously moist Greek chicken can fill an entire house with an unforgettable aroma. Pairing it with white rice topped with oregano, garlic and chicken stock is the right thing to do. This is an all-in-one meal that requires only a few ingredients. For those brave enough to experiment, sautéing some extra lemons will add a lot of character to this recipe. 

3. Creamy Broccoli Chicken Rice Casserole

People in a rush have been making millions happy with this simple dish. Creamy broccoli chicken and rice casserole started out as a ‘thrown together at the last minute’ dish and then morphed into something greater. The recipe is so popular that Campbells and other brands add it to their advertising. The best way to make this rice dish is to experiment with the rice beyond the recommended type. White rice is great, but rice pilaf adds a completely different flavor to the dish. 

4. Jambalaya

Jambalaya is one of the many children born from the Holy trinity of Cajun cuisine. Onions, bell peppers and celery as the beginning of many iconic dishes, with jambalaya being one of the best. The spices used in jambalaya make this dish unique.

Shrimp makes the dish, but chicken and sausage jambalaya has become the best choice for individuals with seafood allergies. This is the most filling meal on the list, and a single pot of jambalaya can last an entire week. Pair it with some French bread and your tastebuds will thank you for a lifetime.

5. Biryani

Indian spices make biryani a popular dish in South Asia and worldwide. It is one of the few rice dishes that goes well with or without meat, including fish. You can even add in eggs or potatoes for more texture to an already perfect dish. Making biryani for the first time can be difficult without any experience. But after the first few times, it is an insanely tasty rice dish that takes little to no effort to make. 

Make It a Meal

If you can boil white rice, then transforming it into a complete meal is easy. Jazz up the simplest of rice dishes and make it the centerpiece of any occasion. In no time at all, your friends and family will ask for your secret recipes.