If you love wearing minimalist watches, you are just on the right page. The minimalist watch fashion is all about wearing pieces that make you stand out from the rest of the park. It should give you a unique look and make you proud of yourself.  

A minimalist watch is a perfect addition to your outfit, and that means you should ensure you make the right move when you buy. When shopping for a quality minimalist watch, you have to be keen. 

There is a wide variety of Nordgreen’s minimalist watches out there in the market that you can pick. Here is a simple guide that will help you shop for some quality minimalist watches in the market.

Choose by occasion and type. 

When shopping for a quality minimalist watch, you can choose based on occasion and quality. Here are some types of minimalist watches that you are most likely to find:

  • Casual – These are watches with some casual bands. They are most used for casual ears. This digital watch is the most appropriate to put on for any casual outfit. A casual watch is not usually considered a minimalist watch.
  • Formal – A formal watch is worn for formal occasions. This is a minimalist watch that comes in a black leather band. It is subtle, which means you can easily get away with it.
  • Business formal – this is another class of watches you can opt for when after quality and design. 

The watches will pair well with any business casual outfit. When buying a business casual watch, you want to ensure the color matches the outfit well.

Choose watches with leather bands. 

When shopping for a high-quality and minimalist watch, the best you can do is to shop for one with a leather band. This is because leather band watches will match your shoes and belt well. You can also opt for a minimalist watch with an interchangeable leather band.

If you have worn-out leather watch bands, you should not throw them away. You can still put it on when you wear some denim jeans and look smart.

Choose watches with metal bands. 

If you want minimalist watches that will last longer than your ordinary watch, go for those with metal bands. When shopping, look keenly at the color. The color of the metal should match the accent of your outfit.

If you prefer to put on earth-toned clothing, then a gold watch is the best you can get. Also, if grey is your favorite color, then pick silver watches.

Always mix and match the watch with your shoes.

You can check the style of your shoes and match them with your watch. You can pick a minimalist watch with a black band if you prefer to wear brown and black shoes.  

If you don’t prefer wearing a formal outfit, you can still go for silver metal bands. A gold medal band or silver band can still complement brown casual shoes. 

Final Thoughts 

When buying minimalist watches, you can choose based on your ideal outfit, type of band, design, color, and budget. There is always a minimalist watch out there for you.