With a closet filled with clothes, we have always felt a shortage of options for what to wear on an occasion. If you feel short of clothes even though you have a lot of clothes, you need to increase the variety of options.

Buy the clothes that you need, not like. If you buy clothes that look fashionable and are party wear, but you do not go to parties, these clothes will only fill your closet.

Here are a few options that all women should have in their closets.

A White Shirt

A classic white shirt can go with neutral cute bottoms. You can also buy an oversized silk white shirt and pair it with a tight leather skirt or washed-out jeans. A white shirt can pair up with a lot of different options.

You can wear this shirt for a formal occasion, to your office, or for a casual meet-up. It is mandatory to keep a white shirt in your closet if you want to have options.

Comfortable Pants

To wear it daily, you can buy a pair of jeans or cotton pants, which is easily available online at pnkfriday.com. Jeans pants can go with T-shirts, tube tops, and other trendy tops. 

If you want to go for cotton pants or pleated dress pants, grab neutral colors. Buy beige, white, gray, black, navy, chocolate, olive, or dusky pink. 

A Casual Jacket

Buy a casual jacket to cover yourself in the winter. Buy a cardigan, an informal coat, and a jacket to elevate your looks. You have to buy a coat that pairs up with most of your other outfits to have outstanding wearability. 

These jackets will help keep you warm and add layers to your outfit. 

Cute Tops

Buy three to four T-shirts. Buy T-shirts with minimalistic art or in a plain color. You can also pick trendy top options such as corsets, tulle tops, silk shirts, or other trendy tops.

A Long Overcoat

An overcoat is optional. If you face a harsh winter in your city, you must buy a coat to protect yourself from the cold. You can pair your overcoat with any outfit. If you do not have a harsh winter in your country, you can replace an overcoat with a trench coat. 

Trench coats are back in fashion, and they look classy and stylish. You can cover yourself in harsh weather conditions and use them as insulators. 

A Quality Handbag

One of the most crucial things in your closet is your bag. An everyday bag is a must-have. You can choose a purse based on your needs. Buy one satchel bag, backpack, folder bag, or messenger bag for business use. Choose between a tote, hobo, or bucket bag for casual use, and buy an envelope clutch, Minaudiere, Baguette bag, or frame bag for the parties.

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You can use your bag to make a statement. Be daring in your casual and business bag choice, and buy a sharp color to compliment your neutral clothing. Choose a dark or classy color for a party clutch. You can choose a red, white, black, golden, or silver clutch from a Gucci bag sale.

A Formal Dress

You will need a formal outfit for a few occasions in your life. You can buy a plain knee-length black dress, a mid-calf white dress, or a knit cardigan with a skirt set. 

Buy three dresses; one dress for a funeral, another for a formal business meeting, and one for a party or funky event. All these dresses will expand the options if you buy versatile options.


Have a pair of heels for parties and fancy events. Ensure that the heels are in a classic color that can go with your party outfit, or buy clear strapless heels that go with anything. Buy a pair of formal footwear such as desert boots, a wedge, a moccasin, or a monk shoe. 

With all the other shoes, buy a pair of low-top sneakers that you can pair with most of your casual or semi-formal outfits. You can purchase other trainers or gym shoe options and wear them with your casual or semi-formal outfits.


You also need clothes for staying at home, such as comfy pajamas. It is a good idea to have at least two or three pairs of pajamas to wear a clean set every day. Find some cozy options such as these ethically-made Canadian pajamas that you can truly relax in. If you get pajamas in cotton, Tencel, or linen, you can pair your bottom with a T-shirt and feel comfortable in your house. 


If you go for a walk or to the gym, you need outfits appropriate for fitness routines. Buy at least two tracksuits or gym leggings and a top set. Buy a tracksuit that is good in quality and does not look for brands, check other outlets and buy the same quality at a lower price.

If you get all the clothing items in a closet, you should be comfortable wearing the same outfit twice in a gathering. Add accessories, such as belts, jewelry, and scarves to elevate a look.