Society has been accepting and acknowledging mental disorders in recent times. It is now easier to talk about your feelings and mental health than a few decades back. Stress and anxiety are usual in today’s fast pace world. 

If you are struggling with your mental health, you should get an appointment with a psychologist. A professional will be able to help you control and maintain your mental health issues. When you feel stressed or anxious, here are seven things you can try to calm yourself.

Take a Nap

Stress can cause fatigue and exhaustion. If you feel mentally worn off and strained, lie down and take a quick nap. After the Nap, you will feel better and refresh your mind. Taking a nap does not mean that you are avoiding your problems.

Sometimes you may feel guilty for leaving the stressful situation and taking a nap, but you can face the stressful situation with calmer nerves and a fresher brain. 

Try not to think about your problems when going for a quick nap. Remind yourself that this time will pass just like the others.

Stress Relief Pills

Sometimes your stress and anxiety levels may reach an unusual height, and you need an instant solution to your stressed nerves. Take natural stress relief pills to calm your nerves instantly.

Eating healthy and making the right choices for your body are necessary for a prosperous life. If you have stress relief supplements, make sure they do not have harmful ingredients. Rather than taking these pills, you can choose a natural ingredient named Kava. Kava recipe is used from many more previous years for coping up with stress issues.


Exercise is beneficial for your health. It helps reduce depression and elevate your self-esteem. Physical activity is advantageous for your physical health and mental cognition. 

Your mind will recognize your positive movement and elevate your burden. If you do not feel motivated to do exercise, watch a few videos on exercise and physical health, it will motivate you to stand up and move your body.

Join a Yoga or athletic class and be a regular student. Start training your body to indulge in physical activity. If you have a better physical shape, your confidence will elevate.

Take Deep Breaths

In a panic attack, your breathing pattern will become fast, and you can feel a burden on your chest, start vomiting, have chills, and feel weakness. Take deep breaths when you start feeling these symptoms. 

Deep and slow breathing can help you calm your nerves. Count to ten slowly and try to relax your body. Comprehend the reason or triggers that cause these panic episodes and resolve them. You can prevent panic attacks by developing a mindset, as panic attacks are a mental phenomenon.  

Focus on the positives and relax your muscles by taking deep breaths. Use an application that guides your breathing pattern and trains your breathing habit with its help at night. 

Reduce Drug Intake

If you smoke cigarettes, do drugs, or drink alcohol, it can be a reason behind your mental health problems. You have to reduce your drug intake and alcohol consumption to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce your anxiety and stress. 

Figure out your triggers and resolve them with the help of a professional or your willpower. Drug abuse or alcohol use does not go away in a night. You have to struggle and train your body to leave these addictions. If your craving is hard to get rid of, get admitted to a rehabilitation center.

Asking for a professional’s help should not be a shameful thing. Instead, you should be proud of your decision.

Talk To a Friend

In a stressful situation, you may need an external support system. If your family does not have open communication, you may feel uncomfortable sharing your mental health story. Many people do not want to give unnecessary tension to their family, but friends are supportive and have stronger hearts. 

A true friend knows how to calm your nerves. If you know an understanding person who is comfortable talking to you about various topics, open up to them about your mental health struggles. You can also talk to your siblings about your mental health. 

You may be positively surprised to see their reaction. Siblings grow up with you, and they understand your life struggles because they witnessed every part of it.

Go For a Walk Outdoors

If you have a pet, take them out for a walk. Spending time in nature can help you stay calm and relaxed. Mother nature has a way of calming your nerves and making you feel fresh and light.

Pets are unconditional friends who have no demands other than food or shelter. If you love your pet, they love you back twice. Spending time with your pet can help you feel the warmth of love and friendship. This intimate contact reduces stress levels and makes you feel happy.