There are many reasons we hold on to appliances, from trying to have an eco-friendly home to saving money. And sometimes we just don’t want to deal with the hassle of replacing an appliance. However, at some point, you need to make the decision to go ahead and upgrade your appliance. We have all dealt with issues that become a headache. So what are some signs you know it is time to replace your appliance?

Poor appearance

Let’s face it, older appliances can be downright ugly. While you may try to update an appliance’s appearance, chances are that if it is sticking out like a sore thumb, it is probably time to just get a new one. Trying to change the appearance of something like an old dishwasher or fridge can be difficult to do as well, and if it is far outdated when it comes to appearance, it likely had a long run.

It doesn’t have the features you want

There are times an appliance is something we struggle with on a daily basis. From broken knobs to not having certain features, the daily aggravation is not worth it, especially if you have been putting up with it for years. Electronics can become outdated quickly, such as TVs, which quickly went from cable-ready to WiFi capability.

It is not reliable

It is always good to see if an appliance can be fixed. From a fridge leaking water issue to broken washing machine belts, it makes sense to have minor repairs taken care of by a professional. But if you find that your appliance begins to have chronic issues, it is time to decide if you really want to deal with the cost and the hassles of not having something reliable.

It is costing you more

There are several reasons that appliances can end up costing you. This could be anything from costly repairs to older appliances that are not energy friendly. Most new appliances like Energy Star Energy Efficient Products have energy-saving features that will save you on your utility bills. Plus, energy-saving designs make life easier, with automatic shut-offs and other helpful features.

It is causing damage

Appliances that have issues can cause damages, and are not worth it. Things like leaky toilets and dishwashers can cause water damage in your home. Electrical issues can be dangerous and scary. These things are not worth the risk of anything from water damage to electrical fires.