Tankinis are a combination of a tank top and a bottom bikini. When tankini was first introduced, they were used as swimming suits. Tankini styles and designs, and features have evolved over the years. Women widely use tankini because they are comfortable to wear and stylish. Despite being known as swimming suits, women sometimes use tankini at home, in parks, on a public and private beach, etc. 

With the increase in demand for tankini, many brands and designs are evolving. This makes most people difficult in choose the best tankini to buy. The rise in production of tankinis has also increased the making of replicas. The following are the top things to consider when buying tankinis. 

Size and Body Shape 

Size is one of the most crucial things to consider before buying a tankini. You do not want to buy an oversized tankini suit, or that is tight. Before buying the tankini, you need to make sure that it fits you well. You must make sure that you know your shape and size. You may wear a tankini suit, and the size is correct, but the shape does not really correspond to your body. Tankini always comes in different body shapes such as hourglass, straight, oval, diamond, or inverted triangles. So, it is essential to buy a tankini that fits both size and body shape to be more comfortable when wearing it. 

Quality and Material 

Before buying tankini, you should check the material quality used to manufacture. Most people buy tankini, which looks cute, and they are expensive without considering the quality and material of the tankini. Some cheap tankini can also have good quality material that can last for a long time. Common materials used to make tankinis are cotton, wool, synthetic, leather, silk, fibers, and fabrics. It is good to buy a tankini with the best quality and material that can stand up to anything even when you wash it many times. If you buy a tankini for swimming, it is essential to choose the best quality. 


It is essential to consider the cost of the tankini before buying. Before buying a tankini, it is necessary to plan your budget. Planning the budget helps you know the amount of money you will spend on buying tankinis. Tankinis are priced differently depending on the design, quality, and materials used. Buy tankinis that fit your budget to avoid a lot of expenses. 

The Reputation of the Shop  

It is essential to check the shop’s reputation before buying a tankini. Buying tankini in a reputable shop assures you of getting legit and quality tankinis. Technology has also evolved, introducing online stores. People now can shop online at their convenient time and place. It is good to purchase tankinis at a well-known shop or online store like Limericki Tankinis. The increase in online stores has also led to the rise of frauds. It is essential to check the reputation and the security of the online stores, including:  

  • Check SSL certificate and other licenses. 
  • Read reviews. 
  • The URL must be “https” with ‘s’ standing for secure. 


The production of tankinis will continue to increase in the future. Nothing is more pleasing than buying a tankini that you will not regret buying. The above size and body shape, quality and material, cost, and reputation of the Shop are the top things to consider when buying tankinis.