If you missed out on all those cute mommy-and-me pictures on Mother’s Day, never fear: just visit the Tieks website, and photo magic can be yours at the click of a mouse. Haven’t heard of Tieks—ballet flats teal-soled answer to red-bottomed Loubs? Stick with us and you’ll discover why these are the shoes you and your little one need to own right now. 

What are Tieks? 

Founded by CEO Kfir Gavrieli in 2008, this web-only shoe brand reinvented the ballet flat category. First of all, let’s talk style: they come in so many colors and prints, each with that distinctive signature sole. Plus, every pair of Tieks arrives with a pretty little bag, making them easy to store and tote, and adding a bonus accessory to your closet. 

Now, let’s talk convenience: Tieks are foldable, so they can easily slip in your bag for after-hours ladies nights, or even for a cuter answer to carpool-lane fashion. So, if you’re a mama who spends all day on her feet, feel free to rock your sneakers while walking, then swap out athletic shoes for these uber stylish flats as soon as you reach your destination. 

Want to hear the best part of all? Unlike so many flats that rub or cut into your heels, Tieks are so comfortable. (Although you may need to wear them once or twice before they reach peak comfort levels.) And that hug for your feet comes from the flats’foam-cushioned inners and soft, Italian-leather outer construction. 

Perfect Mommy and Me Shoes 

Okay, now you get why Tieks are made for moms. But we know, they’re a little pricey. (High quality leather doesn’t come cheap, after all.) So why does it make sense to invest in a pair of matching ballet flats for a little girl? Here’s the deal: it’s really fun to twin with your mini-me. But some dress styles just don’t translate across the ages. Grab a pair of Little Miss Tieks, though, and you’ve got a great basis for mother-daughter style that doesn’t make either of you look like you raided a dress-up closet. 

Choosing one of the matching styles—right now Cotton Candy and Razzleberry Tieks are some of our faves—also makes sense for your daughter’s comfort. (But if you want a bit more versatility from your daughter’s shoes, you’ll love the new matte black Mini Pewter Tieks for little girls, the perfect pair for school, special occasions and so much more.)  

Unlike many dress shoes for little girls, styles from the Little Miss collection are comfortable enough for her to hit the playground right after your matched-up photo session. 

The real-leather construction also makes these shoes very durable, so your little one should get some great wear from her pair. (Plus, thanks to that stretch at the back, you can go a little longer in the current pair before having to size up.)

Best Ballet Flats for Any Age or Stage

Remember when mom jeans became cool again? Guess what? Tieks are reinventing mom shoes, making them a stylish choice for women of all ages, regardless of their stage in life. Now, we really love the idea of matching Tieks with your little one. But if you’d rather rock a twinned-up pair with your bestie, or keep the teal-sole style all to yourself? Then you do you, sister! There’s no wrong way to wear these babies.