I am definitely a swim mom.  What is that?  My kids were on the swim team for many years, and I have logged MANY hours at the pool! The have only recently moved on to other sports and school commitments, but we have fond memories of all the time spent at the pool.

Here are some necessities and also some things I simply like for the pool. As well as some recommendations for what would be good gifts for moms of kids who swim!

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Comfy sandals

Being a swim mom often means volunteering or at least walking through the pool area frequently.  Whether you are indoors or out, a comfy pair of sandals or flip-flops is a must-have.  You want to stay cool, because you find yourself sweating even at an indoor pool.  Comfort is important, and it is important that your shoes are also non-slip.  I find myself walking very carefully to avoid slipping on wet tiles. I like wearing my Chaco sandals because they are sturdy and non-slip (designed for Colorado river rafting guides so they didn’t slip!).

A nice cooler

My kids did summer swim team for years, and we pretty much spent 6 weeks straight at the pool.  5 days a week, plus meets.  And that means hot, hungry kids.  I rely on a small cooler to pack a variety of snacks, for myself and for the kids.  This isn’t just for cold drinks, but things like sandwiches, fruit, and more.


A useful tote

For all those hours logged at the pool, I always lugged a big bag of stuff with me, so a large tote bag comes in handy. I usually brought snacks and/or lunch, a book, a change of shoes, sunscreen for outdoor meets, sunglasses, water, money, black sharpies for writing event numbers, a list of the events, and more. It is nice to have a sturdy tote bag to be organized and prepared.

Magnet for the car

So mom spends a lot of hours.. a LOT.. driving to and from practices and meets?  A Swim Mom magnet or Swim Taxi magnet is a cute idea!

“Swim mom” shirt

A Swim Mom shirt is a great idea for moms who are at the pool all the time.

I always enjoyed wearing team shirts or sporting other “swim mom” gear, from my car magnet to shirts to mugs. You can also check with your team or coach and find items in team colors and things with team logos. Let’s say your team colors are purple and black – you can easily find items in coordinating colors.