Disclaimer: I received samples of spices in exchange for my honest review.

Cooking is something I feel like I am always learning from, as I try new recipes and products. I did not grow up doing a lot of cooking, so I embrace learning new things. One of the things I have realized over the years is that quality ingredients do make a difference.

I have enjoyed Adagio Teas for many years (well over a decade!), and was excited to learn that they have launched a new company, Selefina Spices. They have so many great spices to choose from, and a great addition to your cooking routine.

These spices come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to stock your pantry, from the things you use the most, to small amounts of others – and I love the refillable containers!

I have always noticed a big difference in the quality of spices, and Selefina spices are so fresh and flavorful. Having good quality ingredients will make your dish worth the work!

I have been enjoying a variety of different spices from Selefina, from salt to rose petals. There are dozens of spices to choose from, with a very good selection of popular spices, as well as ones that I associate with more unique recipes.

The rose petals are new to me, and it has been exciting to try this in different dishes. The petals are beautiful and fragrant, and are a fun addition to recipes. I made some hot cocoa with crushed cardamom, and topped my drink with rose petals.

The gourmet sea salt, Fleur De Sel, has been a wonderful addition to our dishes. This artisanal salt is from the northern coast of France, skimmed from the surface of the water. I really like the appearance of this salt, which is a bright white, and gives dishes a neat appearance.

Not only is this a fun way to finish a dish, but it adds a nice taste and texture as well. My favorite use for this is sprinkling on top of potatoes.

I cook Basmati rice often, and this is a flavorful dish that uses a variety of spices, including cloves, cardamom, cumin seeds, cinnamon sticks, and more. I love the process of sauteing fresh spices and then making a flavorful rice.

From cumin seeds to ground cardamom seed, using Selefina Spices creates such a fragrant rice.

These nutmeg seeds brought me back to my childhood, as my mom always had nutmeg seeds in the pantry. I would help her grate the seeds when we were baking something.

It has been great to restock my pantry with Selefina Spices, and it gives me a renewed interest in doing some more cooking. I highly recommend checking out these fresh, flavorful products.

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