If you have your own property, there are many ways to make your yard more self-sustainable. From adding native plants to the landscaping to making the area more welcoming to wildlife, you can create a space that feels like a natural getaway.

As a parent, you want your kids and yourself to be able to enjoy and learn from nature; even if you just have a tiny bit of land, there are ways to upgrade your space to attract birds or grow a garden.

Here are some ways to make your property fit a more natural lifestyle.

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Consider Getting Rid Of Grass

While grass has become the standard for many lawns, some people are not planting grass at all and are instead trying to cultivate more native plants for their area. For example, if you live in a more arid climate, you might want to have a more rocky yard with minimal plants to help conserve water. 

While completely getting rid of common types of yard grass might not be an option for you, the yard will feel more natural and even look more unique if you vary the landscaping. You can consider adding in a spot of the yard that grows plants that thrive in your specific area.

Install A Privacy Fence

If you have your own yard but are near many neighbors, you might feel exposed. It’s hard to feel like you can escape into your natural haven if everyone can watch what you’re doing. A vinyl privacy fence or similar option can make your space feel more secluded. Even if you don’t want to fence your entire property, a sectioned-off garden or pond area looks great and can feel like your own secret hideaway. 

Grow A Garden

Setting up some sort of garden space around your home creates many exciting opportunities for you and your family. There are many benefits to a garden. First of all, you and your kids will get to enjoy some fresh vegetables or herbs. Secondly, tending to a garden can help teach your children about hard work and the wonders of natural things that grow. 

You don’t need to have a huge outdoor space to plant some produce or common herbs like rosemary and mint. And, there are even some tips for beginners to get you started if you’ve never gardened before. 

Welcome Wildlife

Regardless of where you live, there are native wild species that often need a bit of refuge. If you make your yard more welcoming to them, they will likely show up to get a drink of water or find some food. If you are interested in bird watching and teaching your kids about the many backyard birds in your area, you can set up various bird baths or feeders. Do some research to see what kinds of birds are local to your area, and set up some bird houses.

You can also try to attract bees, which are essential for the ecosystem to thrive. You can include various kinds of flowers and flooring plants to encourage insects like these to fly near.  There are also bee habitats that offer shelter for bees.

Attracting birds and other wildlife is easier than you’d think. Start by providing water year-round, and note that adding in more native plants goes a long way here. So, when you set up areas with more fauna naturally found in your state, you’ll create heaven for yourself and the many wildlife creatures around you.

Final Thoughts On Making Your Yard A Natural Getaway

Even changing a few things, such as planting more flowers or making a small garden area, can improve the natural feel of your yard. These steps will encourage you and your children to spend more time outdoors learning about the wonders of nature.