You’ve waited a long time, but you are finally ready to start your custom kitchen remodel. We all have our dream kitchen in our mind and probably a million pictures of kitchen ideas we would love to incorporate into the design. Since this area is such a social and functional hub, there are a lot of different areas to focus on.

For people looking for custom kitchen design and remodeling in Raleigh, NC, learning a few of the details and steps involved can help you make the right choices. After all, you want to get as much out of your renovation as possible. 

Why Renovate Your Kitchen? 

Whether it’s new countertops, upgraded tile and cabinetry, or a total redesign, renovating your kitchen can bring a whole new look and feel to the area. Maybe you want to add built-in seating around a tabletop section or install specialized cookware like a pizza oven. Whatever it is, your dreams can become reality. 

A Good Design Is the Key to a Great Remodel 

So many individual areas and aspects go into a custom kitchen remodeling project. This is where you can have something you’ve always dreamed of. Perhaps you’ve always had a certain type of lighting you’ve wanted. Or maybe you’re a fan of specialty fixtures. Maybe you want all smart appliances. Whatever it is, partnering with someone that can also offer design services is a huge benefit, also saving time and money.

The 4-Step Process for a Kitchen Project:

Step 1 

The first thing to do is to sit down with your custom kitchen remodeling specialist and discuss the design ideas. Even if you don’t have specific ideas in mind, a design expert will make suggestions based on your overall vision for the space.

Step 2

Next, you will see your designs come to life through drawings and 3D architectural walkthrough. This will allow you to get the full feel of what your new kitchen will look like.

Step 3

This is the preconstruction phase. This is when orders are placed for finishing products and their delivery is scheduled. It takes massive coordination to make sure everything will be there when it is needed. It’s also the time when any necessary permits are filed for and acquired.


The final phase is the building phase. An ideal design and remodeling company will have a detailed and organized build plan, along with taking all necessary precautions to protect the areas of your home that aren’t being renovated. 

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Is a Smart Home Improvement Project

So many people want to make renovations in their homes, but not sure where to start. That’s where hiring an experienced remodel contractor with a design team pays off. The kitchen is the most valuable room in your home to renovate. Kitchens sell homes.

There is so much going on between the appliances, the lighting, the storage, the eating areas, and just the general overall design, you can start with as little or big of a project as you are comfortable with. You can focus on changing up one specific aspect of your kitchen, or the whole thing. Just be sure to partner with a professional design, remodeling company first.