Growing old isn’t the greatest experience. We start to realize how fast time goes and how limited time is. We get so busy with everything that sometimes we don’t stop and take in everything around us. We need to pay attention, and what’s more is that we need to pay attention to what we are setting up and leaving for our loved ones as we get older. Here is a list of things to keep in mind as the years go on so that you can ensure your family is taken care of. 

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Make a Will

The best thing you can do for your loved ones as you get older is to leave instructions for them when the time comes. The best way to do that is through a will. A probate attorney can go through everything when the time comes and let your family know how you want things to progress. 

A will is a legal, binding document that will ensure that everyone knows what’s going on and how you want your affairs to be settled. The sooner you can make a will the better. If you do not take the time to make this important document, there can be a lot of chaos and finger pointing happening when you’re gone. 

Talk With Your Family About Everything

Before you get too old, sit down with your family and tell them how you want things to go. This will give them extra clarification with the will. You can take a moment to gather everyone you love who will be affected when the time comes, and in front of everyone else, express how you want things to go. 
If you want, you can go through the will with them and let everyone know what your intentions are and what your plans are. This way, when the time comes, everyone knows what to do and there cannot be any arguments over what you would or would not have wanted. You should talk about everything from Senior care to the medical treatments you are ok with if you are unable to make the decision for yourself.

Choose Your Power of Attorney

In the event that something happens to you and you cannot make any legal or financial decisions on your own, you are going to need a power of attorney you trust who is going to do right by you and your wishes. As soon as you can, choose that family member or friend you trust to handle your affairs. 

If something does happen, and you cannot make your own decisions, and you don’t have a power of attorney, then the person who has to make your choices for you will be faced with a lot of obstacles and high bills to be able to navigate the legal paths that must be taken in order to fulfill your wishes. 

Get Life Insurance

The biggest gift you can give to your loved ones is the finances necessary to handle all the expenses that will come with handling your affairs. The best way to secure that is through universal life insurance. Universal life insurance has more options and flexibility so that you can make the most out of your policy.

It will relieve a lot of burdens if your family has the resources they need to pay for all the services they will take care of without having to dip into their own wallets to find extra money to do the right thing. 

Pay Off Your Debts

Your debt is your debt, and if it is not paid off as you get older then it will become your loved ones’ debt. That is not something they are looking to get in the will. Start making a plan now to pay off any mortgages, credit cards, or loans that may be outstanding. Once you are debt free, then your family will not be saddled with having any kind of extra expenses to pay for outside of their own. 

It can be a huge weight on a person to feel responsible for ensuring your good name goes untarnished when it comes to your financial reputation. A loved one may even put their own finances at risk to help you, and that is not a position a person should be put into. 

Stay Healthy

This is a big one. A lot of people hit a certain age and start putting their health second. As you get older, your health should go first. Maintaining a healthy weight and mind as you grow old is more beneficial for your loved ones because they won’t have to worry about taking care of you. When you are healthy and can stand on your own two feet as well as live on your own is a huge help. 

If you fall into poor health, you may cause financial and emotional pressure to be put on your children or other loved ones that could strain your relationship or cause you further discomfort. See a doctor, take your vitamins, and don’t get injured. 

Stay Mentally Healthy

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If your mind starts to wander or if you start having difficulty remembering things, that can be a sign of something far more serious. While you are still young and vibrant, keep your mind sharp. This is done by doing puzzles, performing memory exercises, and talking to loved ones about the past and about the future. 

Get active and exercise along with traveling and reading to keep your mind as alert as possible. When you start to allow your mind to wander, that is when dementia can set in or your brain becomes dull making it more likely for you to become dependent on other people. 

Stay Social

Socializing with friends is super important as you get older. Having a sense of community outside of our families gives us a sense of identity and keeps us out of the house. Talking with others is also great for keeping your mind sharp and active. Also, friends will get you out of the house to continue exploring new hobbies and meeting new people. 

Socializing will keep you sharp, and that is exactly what you want to do for your loved ones as you get older. The more active and healthy you are, the less you are going to have to depend on other people and that is a good thing. 


After you reach a certain age, it may be time to downsize. The less you have and the less you have to take care of will make your life a lot easier. No longer will you need to clean a lot of rooms or take care of a huge plot of land. That can be more time consuming and harder to do as you age. 

Downsize to an apartment and get rid of things you don’t need. By doing this, you will be able to have more time for your activities that are going to help you more in the long run. It is hard to say good-bye but you will be saying hello to a whole new, exciting chapter. 


What you can do today will make things a lot easier in the future. After a certain age, do what you can to find the path of least resistance. The plans you make now and the choices you make now can either make things easier or more difficult for the ones you love after a certain time. Do the ones you love a favor and make the choices that are going to make things easier on them. 

It is a hard pill to swallow, but once you have all of your affairs in order, your life will be wonderful.