Scientists are always looking for different studies to help them push their field forward. The journals bridge the gap between their findings and what other members of society might think. Some of these journals provide a platform for scientists worldwide to share their results regarding international matters. However, not all journals are prestigious. Thus, it is vital to choose journals that meet your needs. The following are features to help your write journals relevant to your research topic.

Aims & Scope

This should be the first thing you consider when looking for a journal to publish your paper or article. All scientific journals, including Bentham Open articles, will have an aim or scope. The aim and scope serve to guide the articles published in that journal and what the focus of each issue would be. This is because not all authors or editors work in the same subject area. Therefore, there will be discrepancies between what they want to write about and what they have written. This is why it is crucial to check out a journal’s aim or scope before you try submitting your paper.

Number of Papers Published Each Year

For comparison, it would be great if publishers published a high number of papers like Bentham Science publishers. This means the journal is highly relevant to the field. However, this number does not necessarily mean that all articles are well-written. It also does not guarantee that the journal has a decent contribution to add. It is also essential to check out how many papers and authors contributed in a given year. With this, you will not end up submitting poorly written articles.

Citation Rate and Submission Guidelines

Another thing you can do is check out what citation rate each journal has. This allows you to know whether other researchers within the same field will cite your article/paper so you could benefit from it down the line. However, the other factors mentioned here can affect the citation rate. It is also essential to check out each journal’s submission guidelines before uploading your article/paper. This ensures you will not get rejected or found to be ineligible. This way, you know what not to do to avoid wasting your time and effort on unwanted journals that won’t even accept your paper due to wrong submission guidelines.

To know if a journal is worth publishing research in, it is up to you as an author or editor to do preliminary research about what aspects you want your article or paper to include. This can give you a better idea of what to write about. It should help you determine if the journal is worth publishing your research and findings. Apart from that, journals have different features to consider. By incorporating the components above, you will create a resourceful journal.