Pets are huge parts of people’s lives, even down to the time of marriage. These lovely animals also become a significant part of the partner’s life. For this reason, you want the pet to experience one of the happiest times of your life- the wedding. A picture of you, your pet, and your partner on the wedding day will be one to cherish for life. 

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How to Plan a Pet-Friendly Wedding

Planning a pet-friendly wedding is different from the traditional standards. Here are some considerations to prioritize when planning:

  1. Checking on Venue Restrictions

Ensure you know the venue’s pet restrictions. Some venues are not pet-friendly and may charge additional fees for breaking their rules and restrictions. However, some venues can make an exception for you when you speak to them beforehand. Many venues also typically request pet liability insurance when individuals make such requests.

Some venue suggestions that may allow pets are places that appear like barns or other similar outdoor sites. Some venues that permit pets may also have off-limits areas. Hence, it remains crucial to speak to the venue manager about any forms of restrictions to avoid fines and confusion.

  1. Informing Vendors

Informing vendors is equally as important as checking on the venue restrictions for the wedding. Speaking to the vendors is important to ensure that the day goes smoothly to avoid any surprises. Also, ensure you know when your vendors and pets will arrive and leave to stay on the same page.

Photographers, caterers, the band, florist, and other important vendors need to know a pet will be at the wedding. Informing vendors shows you care about them and the success of their responsibilities on your big day.

  1. Choosing a Role for your Pet

Once you’re certain that your pet is coming along for the wedding, it’s imperative to assign them a role. If you want the pet to wear a costume that day, it’s imperative to try it on early to avoid any complications. Some pets may attempt to take the clothes off, whine, or scratch at the clothing.

When choosing a role for your pet, consider how long they will be able to handle. Some dogs have short attention spans and need an object to keep them active. So, consider having a variety of dog toys available or nap pillows close by. Note that it’s crucial to consider the pet’s personality and temperament.

  1. Capturing the Moment

Get pictures of you, your partner, and your pet all in one shot. It’s also advisable to discuss with the photographer to know the best photos to take with the pet. You may even consider having an overall solo shot of the pet. Consider utilizing props or attire for your pet’s photograph. 

You can also consider matching your pet to the wedding colors. For example, if you have burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, put a burnt orange bandana on your pet. This will make for cute photographs.

  1. Hiring a Pet Sitter

As a couple, it’s vital to consider hiring a pet sitter to tend to the pet’s every need at the wedding. It’s advisable to get professionals to avoid any complications on the big day. Since you’ll be busy with other important affairs, hiring a pet sitter gives peace of mind.

Many may consider using a relative as a pet sitter, but that’s not advisable. Most relatives would want to be an active part of the wedding without feeling imposed with any responsibilities.

  1. Preparing your Pet

Prepare your pet for the wedding day by ensuring all essentials are available. Note that this includes a pet wedding outfit, access to meals, and water throughout the day. If you’re hiring a pet sitter, the individual should also be responsible for clean-up using puppy wipes, lint rollers, and poop bags.

Apart from getting essentials, preparing your pet also signifies familiarizing herself with the space. For instance, if it’s a dog, train the dog based on what will occur on the big day, like walking down the aisle and other similar motions.

  1. Alerting Guests

The guests are also very important in the wedding, and some may have animal allergies. For this reason, it’s advisable to let them know there are pets on the wedding invitation. Alerting guests also opens an avenue to invite other guests’ pets to the wedding.

Plan your Big Day with Your Pet

Many people want their pets to be present on the best days of their lives. For many, their pets are their best friends, and they don’t want them to miss out. Take the necessary steps above to plan your wedding with your pet.