Talk about classy. Is there anything more refined than a well assembled midi skirt  look? The midi skirt has had its moment in many variations in the past, due to being the skirt length of choice in the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, in differing shapes.

A Short Midi Skirt History Lesson

The 1920s was all about flowy silks and satins around the ankles and mid calves, since skirts rose at this time by roughly fifteen inches from what was previously “acceptable.” The midi skirt: pushing boundaries since prohibition. Then in the 1930s the midi skirt rebranded; now the “tea length” skirt with a slight flare at the hem was in demand for everyone in the cool social circles. 1940s skirts rose again out of necessity; the war demanded materials, so skirts shortened to the least amount of material that could be socially tolerated. 1940s fashion was simple, all straight skirts or slight pleats in solid colors.

The 1950s raged against the former material restrictions: women didn’t want them shorter, per se, but fuller. Circle skirts that extended far enough from the body to knock a person over joined a slim skin-tight shape in popularity, still fashionably partway down the calf. The 1960s and ‘70s were another story entirely, because soon the mini skirt was in. We love a good mini today, but just like in those groovy years, we prefer to vary between mini, midi, and a boho maxi length. 

We’re living in the age of midi skirts: hello options. Do you want your skirt skin tight? Full and layered with frills? Silky and swishy around your legs? All possible. All great. Here are a few authentically modern midi skirt looks . . . but all midi skirts carry a subtle homage to the past. What look will be your statement today?

For Exuding a Little Elegance:

The Bea Skirt in Bobcat

Leopard is a distinctly modern flair. Try finding a leopard midi skirt anywhere from the 1920s to ‘50s. Our generation took the leopard and made it their own (and learned it’s best paired with silk for utter sophistication). Strictly faux leopard, that is. 

The Verona Skirt in Buff

Pleats and buttons, go crazy! Feel free to button and unbutton the buttons throughout the day as your situation calls for a little more or less scandal. They go all the way up. Made for those in the business of pushing buttons a little.

For a Retro Spin:

The Bea Skirt in Danica

Ok, we admit it, we don’t want our midi skirts to be 100 percent modern. Vintage is cool, have you heard? If you’re going to wear recycled materials that may have been made when you were still a kiddo, they might as well look the part too. The teensy flowers are oh so sixties.

The Simon Skirt in Malta

Be classically cute. Mini polka dots are in line with 1940s simplicity but with a feminine flair. You’re a timeless kind of girl; you know how to channel all the best trends but give them your own unique twist. Organic cotton looks good on you. This skirt is a little flirty, just like you. 

For Channeling a Vacation Vibe:

The Taglio Skirt in Black

A little tidbit of Italian: taglio means to cut or blend. In this skirt you could blend right into a mediterranean villa (reclining on a chaise lounge in the sun). Or you could cut the strings tying you to a toxic ex. Maybe blend a few cocktails. Perhaps cut your hair and go full buzzcut (we hear it’s in for 2022). Be wild in this skirt.

The Roma Skirt in Rhubarb

A little tangy, mostly sweet: you’re an apt wearer for this rhubarb colored skirt. Its sheer flare at the hem guarantees to move with you as you wander cobblestone streets, ride on horseback, fall in love in/with far away countries, or simply walk the streets of your hometown. You’re summoning the adventure at least. Let this skirt take you there.

For Casual Comfort:

The Silas Skirt in April Check

This one is for running late. Who wants to wear pants anyways? Throw the Silas skirt on and let yourself breathe in flax linen. Plus you can rest easy knowing your skirt required almost no water to make. You’re intentional like that. But still chill, always.

The Zoe Skirt in Eliza

We love a good ditsy floral print; so fresh and youthful. You look like the life of the party in this skirt. But you’re the kind of girl who hypes up the guests and then leaves early to chill with your friends. Show a little leg while it’s thrown over the back of the couch. Comfort looks different for everyone, like sitting however you want on the furniture.

What kind of girl are you going to be today? Wear the midi skirt. It’ll help you decide.