In a world where car accidents and any other accidents are becoming rampant, it’s crucial to know about what options you can choose should you find yourself in such a situation. The first thing a person should do when involved in an accident is to call the authorities. Calling law enforcement can help you protect your rights and ensure you get the deserved compensation for your injury. Hiring the services of reputable law firms like Finkelstein & Partners could help you a great deal in your personal injury case. Drafting pleadings, preparing for case briefs, and conducting research are just a sliver of what personal injury lawyers do.

Some of the work personal injury lawyers do includes the following:

Investigation of claims

Because personal injury lawyers get paid contingency fees, it means they will only get paid when a favorable settlement is made for their client. As such, they carefully investigate the claims filed and take on the cases that have the potential for a win.

Investigating and evidence gathering

Gathering the facts and details of the case is another work personal injury lawyers do. This mainly includes facts relating to the extent of the injury caused. This investigation helps in proving the liability of the person responsible for the injury.

Negotiating with insurance companies

It is important for a personal injury lawyer to possess negotiation skills. Negotiating with insurance companies is a regular occurrence for personal injury lawyers. Personal injury lawyers work hard to ensure that the injury victim does not do something that might nullify his claim. 

Preparing for pleadings

A personal injury lawyer prepares a complaint against the defendant if the insurance company declines to pay for damages. They prepare complaints that contain details of the accident and the legal arguments showing how and why the defendant is responsible for the accident.

Assessing the damage

The immediate impact of an accident is what an accident victim mainly thinks about. The cost of medical services, the repairs, or the process of filing for an insurance claim. A personal injury lawyer assists the client in assessing both the long-term and short-term impacts of an accident and making an accurate assessment of the damage caused.

Alternative dispute resolutions are sometimes referred to in personal injury cases. Arbitration, for example, is a form of such a mechanism. In arbitration, the personal injury lawyer presents the case of their client before an arbitrator. They may also help in negotiating an out-of-court settlement with the defendant.

When to hire a personal injury lawyer

Sometimes, there is no need to hire a personal injury lawyer. If a car accident isn’t very serious and no one is injured, then you probably don’t need to hire a personal injury lawyer. In these scenarios, the damages or injuries sustained are usually minimal, and a reasonable settlement offer is often negotiated. However, this sometimes might not be the case in some scenarios.

Instances where you should hire Dennis Hernandez as your personal injury lawyer include:

  1. When the insurance company denies payment of a claim despite you knowing that the other party was responsible for the accident.
  2. The case involved multiple parties and vehicles involved in the accident. Such a complication needs the help of a personal injury lawyer because they will help in identifying the parties who will be named as the defendants and those who will share the liability,
  3. When you feel that the amount of settlement offered to you is not reasonable. It is important to consult a personal injury lawyer before accepting any kind of settlement.