Many individuals who are seeking recovery from substance abuse are advised to being by participate in inpatient rehab. Many people have the willpower to quit the addiction independently, but some need a little more. This may mean looking in to a full time program, such a rehabilitation Tucson.

There are various symptoms that you may notice which will indicate the need for inpatient treatment. For example, having a messy house and acting agitated might indicate that your loved one needs inpatient rehab. 

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However, if you see someone else getting high and acting like they’re on a different planet, they probably need to be in an inpatient facility. To understand which type of facility is best for your loved one, it’s important to identify the symptoms of addiction. So before deciding what type of facility is needed? You can have a look at the symptoms that your loved one is suffering from:

Your Main Concern Is Drug Use:

If the main concern is drug use, then most likely, inpatient rehab is the best place for your loved one. If you suspect that your loved one is using drugs, you should contact a rehab clinic immediately. Being dependent on drugs is not healthy and causes long-term damage to your body and mind that could lead to long-term consequences. In addition, if your loved one can’t stop drug use, he or she may need inpatient rehab to assist with getting drug-free.

You Have Health Issues:

If you are constantly having health issues, you may need inpatient rehab, or you can also go to a residential treatment facility. If you have to go to the hospital due to an overdose or other serious health problems, your health is most likely at risk. In this case, inpatient rehab is the best place for your loved one if they are still using drugs. Being in an environment with others going through recovery can be beneficial and is far better than being alone and feeling sorry for yourself.

You Are Acting Withdrawn:

It’s normal to want privacy when going through substance abuse, but withdrawing from family and friends can indicate that your loved one needs help from an inpatient facility. If you notice that your loved one is avoiding family and friends, this may be a sign of addiction. You must sit with them and have a conversation with them. 

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You Cannot Control Yourself:

If you are having a hard time controlling yourself, it might be a sign that you need inpatient rehab. Choosing not to use drugs or alcohol isn’t easy, and it can also be difficult when you are around people who are doing drugs and alcohol. Inpatient rehab will help your loved ones detox in an environment where they can access all the support they need. 

You Are Lying About Your Drug Use:

If you notice that you are lying to people about your drug use, then this is a sign that your loved one needs to go to an inpatient facility immediately. Lying about drug use means fear of being caught, and when someone is lying, it shows that there’s a problem in the family. Lying often occurs because the influence of drugs or alcohol blocks out the enjoyment.