In 2020, workers saw their work environments get turned upside down. As employees worked remotely, industries that depended on them going to the office had to pivot. 

Several downtown areas turned into ghost towns without workers. The traffic saw a significant decrease and eateries reduced their hours. 

One establishment that continually finds customers is hotels. Companies such as Deloitte and Amazon brought new business to these lodgings. They also helped grow the business travel sector.

As most travels came to a near standstill in 2020, managers of hotels had to seek new opportunities. 

Working from home provides several conveniences. Individuals realized how much money they could save by skipping their morning lattes and restaurant lunches.

Some individuals also had a hard time working from home regularly. Those who have families had to divide the home into spaces. With so many people at home at the same time, things could get noisy.

Heading to hotels became a clever solution.  

We outline how to set up a makeshift office in your hotel room.

1. Bring Your Tools

In 2022, technology makes remote work possible. Coupled with software, working from home became the norm for office workers. Therefore, every worker has a set of tools that they require to complete their tasks.

Common tools include:

  • Laptop
  • Mouse
  • Smartphone
  • Chargers
  • Files

To work from a hotel, pack your tools. To keep them organized, it helps to acquire a laptop bag that has several pockets for your other things.

If you book a room for work more than once, you’ll figure out what to bring every time.

2. Request a Quiet Room 

Several hotel chains have set aside rooms for remote workers. Nonetheless, when you book it, request a quiet room. If you speak with a staff member before you arrive, explain how you plan to use it.

Often, they can accommodate this request.

Before 2020, professionals already used hotel rooms to work. Plus, the big chains got involved with the coworking space trend. Therefore, most locations can accommodate your request for a quiet room.

Speaking of making requests, Hotel Engine provides a guide for the best request for proposal tools that make the process easier.  

3. Arrange the Furniture

When you check into your hotel, take a look around the room. It should already have a desk, chair, and lamps. Some chains also provide stationery, alarm clocks, and corner tables. 

To set up your makeshift office, rearrange the furniture. 

Often, the desk sits in front of the beds, a few feet away from the windows. If you need to move it slightly, go ahead.

Next, test the chairs in the room. Some hotels provide a desk chair and a lounge chair. Pick the one that works best for you.

Now, lay out your tools on the desk. Plugin your chargers, adjust the chair and open up your laptop. 

4. Adjust the Lighting 

Next, adjust the lighting. Natural lighting works great, especially if you place the desk next to the windows. 

Nonetheless, test the lamp on the desk. You’ll need the artificial light when the day starts to fade away.

5. Access WiFi

To start working, access the hotel’s WiFi. Ensure that you can log in and surf the web. 

If you can visit a couple of pages, it indicates that you have access and have a strong signal.

6. Order Room Service

The nice thing about hotels is that they offer room service, especially during normal business hours.

In addition, they receive deliveries from eateries. When you’re hungry, you can also make your way to the onsite restaurant. If you want to stretch your legs, check out your nearby options off-campus.

When you pack your tools, you can also pack lunch and snacks. Store them in the room’s refrigerator until you’re ready to eat.

7. Request to Access Business Equipment

Other business equipment that comes in handy includes:

  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Paper shredders

Most lodgings do not provide them in single rooms, even the executive suites. Instead, they keep them in the business center. Therefore, ask staff to point you in the right direction.

Walking to the hotel business center is similar to walking to your office’s copy room.


Turning a hotel room into a makeshift office is simple for most remote workers. Pack your tools, request a quiet room, and rearrange the furniture to suit your preferences.