Nurses continue to be in demand due to the unending pandemic caused by COVID. Most nurses are taking advantage of the opportunities they have during this pandemic. They are working under a nurse staffing agency since they can get more jobs. Nurse staffing solution By Gifted Healthcare can be a good choice if you are looking for a staffing agency to work with. Let’s check on Facts about nurses: nurse staffing solution amidst pandemic.

Why Is Nurse Staffing A Critical Issue In The Healthcare Industry Nowadays?

Staff shortages have been an issue even before the pandemic hit the world but have gradually increased once the pandemic started. Shortages can be caused by the increasing patient population, increase in the aging population, and an aging workforce. During the pandemic season, the shortages started to be a big issue, since more and more medical facilities are confirming the scarcity of medical workers in their area. Nurse staffing agencies have aided in giving solutions to the shortages despite the fact that medical facilities have to spend more to be able to cover the demand for nurses in their facilities.  

What are the Benefits Of Having A Nurse Staffing Agency?

There are several benefits that nurse staffing agencies can give to nurses who decide to join their team and here are some of them:

More Work Flexibility 

Nurses who work with nurse staffing agencies are given assignments when they are needed by medical facilities. This means they can work when they want to since they are allowed to decline assignments if they think the work is not convenient for them. Plus they don’t get to work every day for some time which means they can get a break. Work flexibility is not possible when working as a regular career nurse.

More Pay 

Nurses who are employed under nurse staffing agencies get higher hourly rates. They receive higher pay compared with regular nurses. This is the reason why more nurses prefer to get jobs from a healthcare staffing agency than getting a regular job. A per diem nurse for instance can get paid a few hours after their shift and they can still work as a regular nurse, which means they can earn extra money and still keep their regular job. 

More Job Varieties

When working under an agency you can get assigned to different departments and this gives you the opportunity to learn skills and enhance the skills that you already have. Getting exposed to a different working environment can train your brain to work an extra mile since different medical facilities often require a different approach. 

Less Work Politics

Work politics affects the productivity of nurses. When working under an agency, you don’t need to deal too much with work politics since your work is not permanent. You can even ask your agency to give you another assignment if the place you’re about to get assigned to has an uncomfortable environment. 

Sustainability of Nurse by the Help of Nurse Staffing Agencies

Nurse staffing agencies have been acting as brides to nurses who are looking for a job and medical facilities that need nurses badly. That’s why they have been the perfect solution to address shortages of nurses in medical facilities during this pandemic season. Nurse staffing agencies provide contracts to nurses and get them on board to work with medical facilities that need their immediate service. Most medical facilities are in favor of hiring nurses from nurse staffing agencies since it can be more convenient for them. As for nurses, working with nurse staffing agencies has been helping them earn more and get more job opportunities. 

Nurse staffing solutions amidst pandemic can enlighten you on why working with a nurse staffing agency can be a better option as a nurse. The demands for nurses are still high. Grab this opportunity to maximize your profession and do this by partnering with a nurse staffing agency. Since they can connect you with several medical facilities that need your service and this can be beneficial for all the parties involved. As a nurse, you can advance your career by taking your first step on your journey by getting employed by a nurse staffing agency.