Choosing blonde hair extensions is a little more difficult for a few reasons. We’ve prepared this brief guide in order to make it easier for you to pick the right method and shade.

Natural blonde hair is rare, but fortunately, with a little help from hair cosmetics, we can achieve that beautiful effect without damaging it. In the past, painting your hair blonde would mean using oxidation techniques that would affect the structure of your hair, often leaving it porous, weak, and dry. 

Today, we have less invasive methods at our disposal, meaning that beautiful blonde hair is achievable without significant damage to the cuticle. A lot has changed in terms of hair extensions, too. The spectrum of choice has extended – both in terms of the methods and the available colors. With the variety on the market, you can choose the matching shade of the extensions.

What to pay attention to when choosing blonde hair extensions? You may find the tips below quite useful!

#1 Choose lighter solutions

Even though there are exceptions to this rule, natural blonde hair is generally thin and weak. It’s rare to meet a natural blonde with thick, strong strands. Extensions can become an additional burden for the hair, thus, it’s essential to choose the lightest option. If you want something short-term, go for blonde tape in hair extensions rather than the clip-in. For the long-term, we recommend a micro ring technique. It will provide you with a volume effect without impacting the hair’s health. The extension methods involving heat treatment may not be the greatest idea in this case.

#2 Avoid clip-in extensions

We’ve already mentioned that clip-ins may not be good for blonde hair if they’re thin due to possible damage. But there is another reason for avoiding it. Everything’s more visible on blonde – and it becomes much more difficult to hide the clips. Tape-in extensions blend in much easier, making the connection between natural hair and additional strands practically invisible.

#3 Choose the shade at the right time

If you paint your hair regularly, don’t pick new hair extensions just after the coloring treatment – but neither after a long time. Unless your blonde is very warm – then you don’t have to worry about the pigments. If you wear a cold blonde, you should remember that the blue pigments will wash away faster, making your color more yellowish. In order to avoid that and make sure that your extensions match the natural hair, you can use a so-called purple shampoo that contains these pigments.