Did you know that around 45 million people in the United States of America know how to knit or crochet? Summer is one of the best times of the year to start coming up with fun crafts for kids, and knitting for kids is a great outlet for creativity. There are a number of useful and easy crafts that you can teach your kids how to make.

These kid’s projects will not only keep your kids busy during this summer, but they’ll also help your kids learn a useful and fun hobby that they’ll enjoy for years to come. Combining finger knitting with other activities for kids is a great recipe for a memorable summer.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn about ten great activities that your kids can try to knit this summer. Keep reading this article to learn more!


Bookmarks are always handy for kids, especially if your kids happen to be bookworms. Your kids will have an easy time creating beautiful and colorful bookmarks with finger knitting techniques. If your kids are new to knitting then this is a great project to introduce them to knitting techniques since the only task they’ll need to do is make a row of stitches.

2. Scarves

You also can’t go wrong with coming up with crafts for kids where they get to make their own scarves. Winter will be here again before you know it, and having a nice and warm scarf goes a long way towards enjoying those snow days. Making scarves is a perfect project when it comes to knitting for kids.

They can even choose their own colors and create patterns that appeal to them. Make sure that they’re using scheepjes whirl cotton for the best results.

3. Belts

Not many people associate belts with kid’s projects or knitting, but knitting belts is one of those easy crafts that your kids will love. The process of knitting a belt is quite similar to that of knitting a scarf. If your children have already learned how to knit scarves then you can move on to knitting their own belts.

4. Squares

Knitted squares are versatile and valuable for a number of applications. If your kids are ready for a new challenge when it comes to kid’s projects then you need to challenge them to knit their own squares. It is also great if you’re working on a large project of your own because it takes some of the work off of your shoulders while getting your kids involved.

Your kids will become masters of creating stitches that are even and not too tight. Everyone wins when your kids learn finger knitting for making knit squares.

5. Bean Bags

Bean bags are a lot easier to make than you might think at first glance. Your kids will need two knitted squares and some beans to fill the bag with. This is also your chance to introduce your children to the art of sewing since both squares will need to get sewed together. 

Start by coming up with activities for kids where they knit two squares of equal size. The next step involves sewing these squares together in three sizes before filling the bag up with the beans. The last step is sewing the last side together to complete the project.

6. Coasters

If you’re tired of those rings that your kids’ drinks produce on your wooden tables then it is time to knock out two birds with one stone. Have your kids use their finger knitting skills to create coasters for their drinks. They’ll get to have fun with these crafts for kids while you’ll get peace of mind that your antique wooden tables won’t get ruined any time soon.

7. Dishcloths

It seems like you never have enough dishcloths, which means that one of the best activities for kids when it comes to knitting is making more dishcloths that you can use. Knitted dishcloths are perfect for getting stubborn bits of food residue off of things like plates and bowls.

Teach your kids how to use the broken rib pattern when knitting dishcloths for the best results. It is easy to teach and easy to learn for your kids, which makes it a perfect step up in difficulty.

8. Envelope Purses

You never know when an envelope purse might come in handy. Knitting envelope purses is a great idea if you’re looking for crafts for kids. They’re easy to make and they allow your kids to get a bit creative with the colors of the envelope purses. All they’ll need to do is make a large triangle and fold it in half before sewing it together on three sides.

9. Baby Bibs

If you’ve got an infant on the way and you want to use knitting for kids to prepare for your newest family member then you can have your kids start knitting baby bibs. Older siblings will be excited at the chance to contribute something to their newest sibling or cousin, which makes baby bibs a great option for kid’s projects this summer.

10. Animals

Odds are that your kids will conquer all of these knitting designs sooner than later. When that happens, it’s time to up the ante and teaches them how to make animals with finger knitting techniques. You can start to introduce different shapes to your kids and give them a customized stuffed animal that they’ll love and cherish forever.

They’ll need to knit two simple shapes and incorporate their sewing skills to complete these easy crafts. Once they’re finished stuffing it and sewing the last bit together they’ll have their own personal stuffed animal.

Start Teaching Knitting for Kids Today

Knitting for kids is a great activity that you can use when you’re in need of easy crafts. These activities for kids will allow them to get creative and have fun this summer while also learning a new and useful skill. Best of all, they’ll hone their skills and get to create their own stuffed animal.

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