Okay, we get it. Your first date is approaching. You’re nervous as hell, and we won’t blame you. 

From what you would wear to what you would say, you want to do your best on a first date. But what about the food that you would order? 

Making a great first impression also involves ordering the right dishes like waffles that don’t make you look unflattering and messy while you eat with your date. 

So here are some meal ideas that you can go for when you’re hanging out with your crush for the first time. 


Don’t let anyone tell you that eating red meat on a first date is a messy affair. Steak makes for great first-date food because you can easily carve it into small pieces and eat without getting your fingers sticky or saucy.   


It is great for keeping it light and showing your appreciation for nutritionally dense food. Make sure you don’t add spinach or corn in your salad, so nothing gets stuck in your pearly whites.  


This might seem like a messy meal for a first date, but it’s one that never goes out of trend. Ordering a pizza is a great chance to show your date that you are a playful personality. Consider getting your pizza served in a deep dish so you can easily hold the slices and devour without spoiling your clothes. 


Did you know that ordering sweets after your first-date dinner makes you appear more attractive to your date partner? So order some handcrafted desserts like pies and cakes or something that you can bathe in pure Canadian maple syrup

Just make sure you order only one plate of dessert on your first date because let’s be honest, there’s nothing more romantic about eating from the same sweet dish! 


If you’d like to order something really easy to eat, you must take your date to a sushi place. Not only does sushi taste great, but sushi restaurants usually have a calm vibe to them, which is great for first-date conversations. 


Do you know what’s better than a grilled cheese sandwich? A quesadilla! Shredded meats married with melted cheese and veggies make for a yummy dish that’s not likely to leave a mess on your hands. It’s also a good choice because it’s usually served in small, easy-to-eat triangular-shaped wedges. 


Pan-fried dumplings, aka potstickers, are a great crispy and fun dish for a first date. You can choose the filling, and since everything is neatly wrapped in dough, you’re unlikely to cause any spillage. You can eat these with chopsticks and don’t have to chew too much. 


This creamy dish is popular for first dates because it’s creamy and compact. This dish won’t fall off your fork or spoon and is also very filling for a lunch or dinner date. 


Here’s a great spaghetti alternative that comes with the same creamy goodness but doesn’t look unflattering. There would be no meatballs rolling from your plate into your lap because all the meat comes packed in flat pasta strips. 

Rice Dish 

If you want to take the convenient route on your first dinner date with your crush, one way to do that is to order a rice dish. You’re less likely to stain your hands or clothes with a rice dish. 

The good thing is that most restaurants have at least a few good rice dishes on their menu, so regardless of what cuisine you’re going for, you’ll find something to order. 

Over to You

We hope you take some ideas from our list of meals to eat on a first date. After all, you don’t want to dull the possibility and excitement of a first date by ordering the wrong food.