Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or simply a nature enthusiast, having a birdhouse is the best way to attract winged wonders to your garden. 

But, a birdhouse with the wrong design will chase away more birds than it attracts!


Do you have the right birdhouse for the job? Read on to learn 4 birdhouse design tips to attract beautiful backyard birds.

1. Avoid Bright Colors 

Although bright colors can help birds find their mate, a bright-colored house just makes them visible to predators. Stick to natural tones like greens and browns to make your birdhouse attractive to the right species.

If you choose to paint your birdhouse, make sure you use non-toxic paint in natural colors. Water-based latex paint works well for the exterior of your birdhouse. Never paint or varnish the interior of the birdhouse, as this can be toxic to the birds or it can chip and hurt their eyes. 

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation and Drainage 

Ventilation and drainage keep birds healthy and comfortable. 

Ventilation holes help with temperature regulation to keep nestlings from overheating or freezing. To provide proper circulation, drill small 1/8 to 1/4-inch holes through the sides of the birdhouse just below the roof. These bluebird houses have specially-designed air vents to allow for proper air ventilation. 

Drainage holes help remove waste and water while assisting with ventilation. Typically, four 1/4-inch holes drilled into the floor provide adequate drainage. 

3. Proper Box Shape 

A large part of birdhouse design is its shape. 

Make sure to include deep roof overhangs to protect the inside of the box from harsh weather. Place the roof at a slight angle to ensure water run-off. The sides of the box should extend past the floor to prevent water from leaking in. 

If you want to provide birds with a safe birdhouse, make sure it has appropriately-sized entrance holes and no perch. If the birdhouse has a perch, or if the entrance hole is too large, predators such as snakes, raccoons, cats, squirrels, rats, and larger birds can harm nestlings and eggs. 

4. Keep It Accessible 

Your birdhouse needs to be accessible to the birds and you. This is so you can clean it properly. Make sure to build or buy a birdhouse with a hinged or removable roof or side door.

It is important to know just when to clean birdhouse boxes. After each nesting season is over, throw away nesting material and waste before cleaning the interior. Scrub the entire birdhouse with a weak bleach solution before rinsing it thoroughly with water. Leave the house to dry fully before putting it back in its place. 

Attract Birds with Thoughtful Birdhouse Design

The best birdhouse design makes birds feel safe and secure. Choose the right birdhouse for your yard and watch as flighty friends make themselves at home in your yard, year after year. 

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