All around America homeowners and businesses are embracing what looks to be like a solar revolution. All the financial benefits are there like saving tons on energy bills and increasing the value of their homes.

However, even if you are tempted to take the leap, it’s worth knowing how the panel installation process works before signing any contracts. After all, if you are unfamiliar with the technology, a little research about what you’re getting into makes complete sense.

So, let’s look at how solar installers will put in our panels. We’ll also look at the different options you might face when you decide to adopt this renewable technology.

Assessing the Site and Design

The first part of the process is you’ll have your chosen contractors come to your home or business to assess the site. This process tends to take between one week to a month depending on various factors.

The idea is the contractor can gain information for an initial design. This is also the time where they might discuss your options before they go off and make their design. Plus, they may let you know of any roof issues or tree obstructions you’ll have to deal with.

Getting Your Permits

To get your permits, you need to forward your proposed design to the local authorities. A good contractor will be able to help you with all of this. We recommend you check out the Blue Raven Solar website. These guys have a great reputation for doing this well.

This stage may take as little as two weeks, or it might span out to beyond 2 months. It all depends on what the local authorities are like with this sort of thing where you live regarding going green. Here are some government resources you may find helpful on the matter.

Panel Installation

Once your permits are through, it’s time to go green and get your solar panels installed finally! And at this point, you may be surprised how quick the installation is for this green technology that lets you save money.

If you have a small setup, the contractors may be able to install your panels within a day. Other large-scale jobs might take around a week or so. Of course, many things need to be ordered prior to the installation day, and your roof area needs to meet the right standards for panel installation.

Inspecting Your Setup

When the contractors finish installing your solar panels, the last crucial step is a government inspection. It’s typical that wherever you are in the states, you need a local government official to come and inspect that everything is above board.

It might take anywhere from a week to a month for them to come down and check your setup. Then once it’s approved, you can activate your system and start enjoying renewable energy! 

The Panel Installation Process Explained

We’ve now run through a general outline of what to expect if you get solar panel installation for your home or business. Now that you know this info, you might be in a much better position to go ahead with the process or not.

Finally, we’d like to say thanks for stopping by and good luck! Also, please check out our website for more interesting posts.