Parents spend around $6,000 on average on a new baby, with the nursery posing one of the biggest expenses in a child’s first year of life. Although parents take great care to find items like strollers, car seats, and toys, few aspects of planning for a new baby are quite as fun as designing and shopping for a new nursery. From flooring to curtains, wallpaper to cribs, there are so many items that can work together to create just the right feel for the new addition to the family. If you are currently expecting a baby or you are planning on renovating your child’s nursery, the following hot trends may inspire you.

Natural, Sustainable Vibes

Sustainability is a buzzword in design as a whole. The past two years have bred a new appreciation for Nature and the benefits it brings to our lives and this, in turn, is leading families to make more sustainable choices in their interiors. In terms of nurseries, this trend extends to almost every part of the room. Sustainable materials such as bamboo and reclaimed wood are holding sway for features such as flooring, storage furniture, and decorative elements. Choosing eco-friendly furniture has an added bonus: it helps promote pure indoor air quality in your baby’s nursery since it is free of the toxins that can be found in pressed wood items.

Gender-Neutral Design

If you are into clothing, then you know that gender-fluid fashion is all the rage. The movement is quite simple—it’s all about encouraging people to wear the items they choose, shunning rules as to “who can wear what.” Current nursery styles vary greatly, with some parents preferring classic baby boy and baby girl styles and other now preferring gender-neutral designs. If you like a traditional baby boy theme, opt for pastel baby blue blankets, wall features, and rugs. There are gorgeous blankets with stars and other motifs that will add a little sparkle. Vintage designs are also in. Think baby blankets embellished with hot air balloons, balloons carrying a bundle of joy, and similar classic illustrations. For girls, blushing pink tones and floral fantasies are trending, as are soft lilacs, apple greens, and buttery yellows. For a gender-neutral feel, go for jungle prints, wildlife artwork, chalkboard statement walls, and rattan rugs or statement chairs.

Trending Prints and Artwork

Baby nurseries are often livened up with stickers, murals, and decorative skirting boards. The top trending themes for these features are stars, the sky, woodlands, Winnie the Pooh, rainbows, sunshine, the forest, and Harry Potter—according to Rated People’s Nursery Trends Report 2022. In terms of animal prints, the list of trending wildlife includes elephants, dinosaurs, and a rather tame critter called Peter Rabbit! 

Designing a new nursery is always exciting and reports for 2022 indicate that once again, new parents will have a wide array of themes and styles to choose from. Top trends include nature themes, gender-neutral nurseries, and nature-inspired prints and decorative elements. Classic baby boy and baby girl themes are also holding sway, as are the prints that never go out of style—including sky-themed prints and artwork that incorporate elements like the sun and stars.