Preparing for your newborn’s photo session requires awareness of the delicate timeframe. Not only will you want to schedule your session ahead of time, but you’ll also want to work with the best. With such limited time, you’ll have a lot on your plate to prepare for your photo session. 

newborn baby

Your little angel is growing fast, and you want to get pictures while they’re still in the newborn stage! For this reason, most sessions occur within the first three weeks after birth. As parents, you want the best for your baby, which is why it is essential to work with an experienced photographer. 

Long before your due date, research photographers to find options with the right experience. You might consider reaching out to a Raleigh Newborn Photographer. For more help with planning, read on to learn about six tips for preparing for your newborn photo session. 

1. Schedule Your Newborn Photographer In Advance 

A Newborn Photographer aims to complete sessions when the baby is between five and fourteen days old. That leaves you with a small amount of time to book your session. Schedule your newborn photo session before the baby is born!

As a rule of thumb, aim to book within the second trimester. A Newborn photographer will tend to turn down sessions for babies that are already born in favor of pre scheduled clients. Know that the earlier you book your newborn photography session, the better. 

2. Keep Baby Awake

When a baby’s sleep conflicts with your session, it can interfere with taking photos. For the best sleepy newborn pictures, you need to keep your baby awake before the session, so they are tired during it. 

A Newborn photographer will find it easier to get through the different poses and positioning when your baby is asleep. Wake your baby up for about an hour before the session, and feed the baby before the session. 

Baby Newborn Infant

3. Feed Baby Before Session

Aim to feed your baby about twenty to thirty minutes before the photoshoot starts. Your photo session will last for about two hours, giving your baby time to recharge with a snack if they wake up during the session. 

4. Consider Any Props 

If you would like specific props in the photo, bring them with you and let your photographer know ahead of time. Your Newborn photographer may get their support and can include yours. 

5. Come Prepared For Photos

A Newborn photographer may recommend you bring extra diapers, bottles, and a swaddle blanket to keep your baby warm. You may wish to be in a few photos with your baby, so it is recommended to come dressed for the session.  

6. Wear Neutral Colors 

For both you and your baby, dress in neutral colors to create the intimate photos you’re hoping for! 

The Bottom Line 

Remember to let your photographer know your due date so they can schedule your session. Preparing for a newborn photo session takes a lot of planning, but those chubby cheeks are worth it!