It’s common for law-abiding citizens to become entangled in law-related problems sometimes. So, what should be the course of action when you have a legal issue? The solution involves employing the services of an expert lawyer who understands the intricacies of the American legal system. A study by the World Justice Project has shown that every fourth person in 2019 suffered from mental/physical distress due to their legal issues. But we also observe that not even 30% of citizens turned to lawyers for resolving these problems. 


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It seems that people aren’t well-informed about the legal matters in which they need some professional assistance for finding the right solution. Because there is such a wide area of legal practices, we’ll discuss some issues for which you must hire an attorney.

What sort of lawyers can you hire?

How many people find themselves engaged in law-related intricacies? A survey conducted in 2018 shows that one-third of American households were facing debt, family, or housing-related problems. As a result, these civil legal issues required them to hire lawyers. However – as we’ve explained above – people don’t hire lawyers to resolve these problems. For this purpose, you should be wary of the legal issues in which it’s prudent to seek legal counsel from experts. 

Here are nine legal matters that require the expertise of lawyers/attorneys. We’ve explained which services these different categories of lawyers offer their clients. Here goes the list:

  1. Estate planning lawyers

Estate planning attorneys guide you about preparing Wills or Trusts before your death. By utilizing their services, you determine how your assets will be distributed among your successors. But what is a Will, and how does it benefit your beneficiaries? A Will constitutes an essential component of your estate planning documents. Without a Will, you die intestate and have no control over the distribution of assets. 

So, hire an estate planning lawyer to draft your Will according to your wishes for your future demise.

  1. Defense lawyers

What to do when you’re being accused of committing a crime? Criminal defense lawyers defend the people who have been indicted with felonies. Since you’re the defendant, these attorneys will strive to protect your rights. So, you can find these lawyers as either public defenders or private attorneys. 

They’re further divided into different categories, and they all spend their time defending people who have been falsely accused. Truthfully, you can’t escape the clutches of the law without hiring these lawyers.

  1. Family lawyers

Family matters often require some professional assistance from outsourced professionals. Issues such as divorce, custody, and adopting are better handled by well-experienced attorneys. Besides, family lawyers have deeply studied these problems, and they’re well-versed in resolving any dispute that has emerged among your relatives. 

From establishing paternity to juvenile delinquency – you can hire family lawyers to handle difficult problems. That’s how you can overcome family-related issues.

  1. Labor lawyers

Many American employees face discrimination or harassment in the workplace. However, studies have shown that 75% of workers facing these issues also encounter retaliation. You can’t redeem yourself without hiring an expert to deal with employment-related challenges. These people are well-versed in labor laws, and they can leverage their expertise to file a strong retaliation case and protect your interests.

So, they cover problems like your salary, work hours, and office safety. Hire these lawyers to enjoy your rights as a worker.

  1. Bankruptcy lawyers

What if you go through insolvency? Individuals and organizations shouldn’t suffer from insolvency in 2022 without hiring consumer and commercial bankruptcy attorneys, respectively. They can help you overcome this condition of financial distress, thereby helping you recover economically. Lawyers specializing in bankruptcy navigate strategies for financial reconstruction on your behalf. 

It doesn’t seem wise to suffer from insolvency without these attorneys guiding you at every stage.

  1. Taxation lawyers

Are you behind your taxes? Well, the IRS counts as one institution nobody wishes to undermine. So, it seems smart to hire a taxation lawyer well-familiar with tax-related regulations. This person can give you some advice about punctually paying your dues to the government. Small-sized businesses must remember to employ the services of these attorneys to avoid invoking penalties. 

As tax-related laws are complex, you can’t risk handling taxation independently without experts guiding you all the way.

  1. Medical malpractice lawyers

Statistics indicate that some 20,000 medical malpractice lawsuits are filed against people annually in the United States. Many people often feel the need to seek justice against a healthcare professional whose negligence has caused a personal injury. For instance, many children acquire birth injuries because the attending medical professional was negligent. For this reason, parents can employ the services of a medical malpractice attorney to seek justice. That’s how you gain compensation for the injury.

  1. Real estate lawyers

What do real estate lawyers do? They ensure that people follow the proper procedure when buying/selling properties. These folks can handle everything from purchase agreements to transfer documents. They represent sellers, tenants, landlords, and other forms of clients. So, if you’re trying to buy/sell real estate, contact a real estate attorney to help you during the process. 

What’s more, you can avoid being duped/conned by fraudsters while protecting yourself from buying a doubtful piece of land.

  1. Mergers & acquisitions lawyers

When two organizations merge, or one acquires another, both parties employ the services of experts to handle the business affairs. These lawyers offer their services and provide business counsel about streamlining the process of mergers/acquisitions. They’re familiar with methods such as agreement drafting and ensure that business documents contain all the necessary clauses, e.g., non-compete and confidentiality. Therefore, organizations planning to merge or acquire should turn towards these lawyers to ensure a smooth transition.


We’ve maintained how often people find themselves running afoul of the law. However, Americans are reluctant to employ the services of lawyers/attorneys when it comes to resolving any law-related issues. That’s why we think people should learn more about the different categories of lawyers in the country. We attempted to describe some of these types, such as labor, family, taxation, bankruptcy, real estate, and estate planning attorneys. These lawyers help you find the solution to your property-related problems. From individuals to organizations – everyone needs to hire a lawyer for resolving legal matters. So, don’t hesitate to hire someone to represent your case and ensure your rights.