Here’s the problem all of us moms have to face: our kids prefer sugary, colored juices over hydrating themselves with water! We can’t prevent them from taking a sip of sweet juices and colas from their friends or family members, but our little ones tend to know what they like. 

Water, being neutral-tasting, isn’t an attractive drink of choice for most kids. Water is colorless, flavorless, and isn’t exactly the most exciting drink option out there. So how do we get kids drinking more water? It’s not barring them from juices – but give them a healthier, tastier alternative: naturally-flavored water! 

Here are 5 fan favorite recipes for infused water that makes use of natural sweeteners, fruits, and herbs to give flavor to the water. Serve these to your kids, and never again hear them ask for artificial juices, sodas, and milkshakes! 

  1. Honey Water

Drinking water with honey has its benefits. Honey has a lower glycemic index than processed sugar, which means your kids can enjoy that sweet taste without the sugar rush. Simply mix a tablespoon or two of honey into some warm water, and drink warm or add ice for a cold drink. Honey water is a great alternative to juices.

You can opt to mix in other fruits and vegetables, or keep the honey water simple. Honey brings a floral touch to the water, and can be mixed into sparkling water to create an alternative to the sugary sodas your little ones crave so much.

One of our favorite hacks: melt honey in a bit of hot water, and add to bottled waters for a sweet treat on the go! Keep the bottles in the freezer to pack them up for lunch. As the ice melts, it keeps your honey water cold throughout the day. Avoid giving honey water to toddlers and infants however, as it may cause botulism in younger children. 

  1. Healthy Lemonade

What makes lemonade unhealthy is the sugar content in each cup. Any kid who opened up a lemonade stall during the summer would know how much sugar goes into each pitcher of lemonade to offset the tartness of lemons. This sugar content causes a spike in blood sugar, which can lead to health problems later on.

Offer a healthy version of lemonade using fresh, sliced lemons, agave syrup, and water! Mix agave syrup into water until fully incorporated, and add in slices of lemon. Place the lemonade in the fridge to steep for an hour or so before serving to your child. Agave is a much healthier alternative to processed sugar, and has virtually no calories – it’ll be your new summer drink! 

  1. Very Berry Infused Water

Here’s a fun activity idea: go berry foraging! Check with your local farms for berry-picking programs, and let your kids come home with a haul of nutrient-packed strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries! Get them involved in cutting up the fruit for snacking, and infusing them into water for a berry blast of a drink.

Chop up your berry haul to small, bite-sized chunks and place them in a pitcher filled with water. Your kids will love learning about food production, and creating their own fun, naturally-flavored and nutritious berry water. The colors from the berries also color the water to give your kid a fun and flavorful drink! 

  1. Citrus-y Immunity Booster

Nowadays, our immune system is one of our biggest priorities as we maintain our health. Lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruits are high in Vitamin C, which boosts our body functions and our immune systems. 

Slice up your citrus fruits, and place them in a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with water, and allow the fruits to infuse their flavors and nutrients into the water in the fridge. Serve with ice, and drink away! The different fruity colors make this a pleasing drink for any child, and these fruits provide healthier nutrition than packaged orange juice! 

  1. Summer Watermelon Mint

Summer is the season of fun in the sun, beaches, and watermelons! Is there any other fruit that exhibits the season of summer other than watermelon? Mix it together with sweet pineapples and cool mint, and you’ve got a refreshing summer drink that is sure to be a crowd favorite at your next swimming pool party!

Chop up your watermelon and pineapple into chunks, and place them in a pitcher of water. Add muddled mint leaves, and store in the fridge until ready to serve. For an even cooler treat, slice up your fruits, and place them in an ice cube tray with some water. The ice will flavor your drink as it melts, and the colors look festive for the season. Your kids will want to hydrate more!