If you are opening a new facial spa or beauty salon, choosing comfy and high-quality salon furniture should be on the top of the list of things that are considered necessary purchases. One of the most well-known pieces of salon furniture would be the infamous facial bed

A facial massage has been the most beneficial service that every beauty salon offers. If you wish to bring your beauty salon to another level, you must invest in a modern and appealing facial bed to accomplish this goal effectively. Thorough research is needed for you to purchase the best and most high-quality facial bed available in the market. You could either contact a reputable facial bed provider or directly contact a manufacturer of a facial bed. You can also opt to find a facial bed supplier online, as this can give you broader information about suppliers locally or from other states.

Customers can greatly benefit from facial beds in terms of relaxation and comfort. As clients require support when receiving facial treatments, a soft and comfortable bed for facial massage is essential for providing this experience. A high-quality facial bed is equipped with a lot of innovative features. Below are just a few examples:

  1. It has an adjustable recliner wherein clients will be able to adjust their beds to their preferred level of comfort and ease.
  1. It is portable and can be moved around easily. 
  1. These beds are cushioned and soft, with a plastic covering that makes them easy to clean. Thus, if you purchase a facial bed, you must always ensure that it is wrapped in plastic, as this makes cleaning and sanitizing the bed easier and quicker. You must put in mind that sanitation and cleanliness are the most critical factors in ensuring the success of any beauty salon. 

Furthermore, the plastic-covered facial bed is far easier to clean than those which are fabric-covered. This is one reason why they are in such great demand on the market. Moreover, while purchasing a facial bed covering, keep in mind to choose attractive designs, as this will help you generate a favorable impression on your consumers.

  1. Most facial massage beds offer high-pressure facials as well as shoulder tanners. The facial and shoulder lamps are strategically situated where the client’s head and shoulders would be, helping in the efficient and precise distribution of UV light.
  1. High-tech facial beds also include a cooling system, which assists in keeping the user cool when being under the heat generated by the lamps, which can cause the customer to feel slightly warm. Certain facial beds have a programmable fan system. Some even already have an integrated automated voice technology that works as a vocal status and presents temperature.
  1. A facial bed is ideal for customers who desire to stand and have greater control over overexposed areas of the body. Manufacturers of facial beds have even designed huge size facial beds for those with large body types, such as bodybuilders.

Finding The Perfect Facial Bed

People visit salons and facial treatment spas to be pampered and feel relaxed. As an esthetician, providing effective service must be your first goal. You may have the best materials and the most skilled hands, but the absence of a great facial bed might make you unable to provide your client with excellent results.

The purpose of this article is to guide you in selecting the best facial bed for your client and business. It will also discuss the types of facial beds and the factors that need to be considered when selecting one.

The ideal facial bed must be adaptable to the client’s and esthetician’s demands. Numerous characteristics distinguish various forms of facial beds. The most critical factors to consider when purchasing such item are the following:


A high-quality facial bed is expected to be expensive. This kind of bed can cost up to $2,500. However, there are midlevel in quality for you to try out first, and these range between $600 and $1,000. Investing in a high-quality facial treatment bed is important, as the beauty industry is very concerned about the quality of the equipment being used. While it is true that there are less expensive alternatives available that can still provide great value for its price, it would certainly lack features, comfort, and durability.

Available space

When purchasing a facial bed, take into consideration the size of the treatment room. This is to prevent purchasing an excessively large bed that would obstruct in your ability to operate properly or the client’s ability to move around.

Stationary v Portable

Having a portable facial bed is an excellent choice for on-site treatments, such as in customers’ homes, due to its portability. It allows you to do the work from any location. However, this is not something that would last a decade or more. You will have to replace it in a couple of years, which is not bad at all. A portable facial bed should cost no more than $500. 

A permanent facial bed is not intended to be moved around frequently; that is why there are a lot of comfort features that can be integrated with it. It is somewhat large and hefty but has a plethora of amenities that will ensure your clients’ comfort and satisfaction. Moreover, it supports heavyweight and lasts longer than portable facial beds.

Hydraulic v Electric

A hydraulic facial bed has its advantages because you can easily adjust its height with a foot pedal. The hydraulic lift is used to modify the height only, and some hydraulic facial beds feature a 360° revolving base, which helps estheticians in movement and reach.

An esthetician gains greater control over comfort, reach, and mobility with an electric facial bed. It typically features an adjustable backrest and leg rest, increased cushion and comfort, a 2- to 4-motor engine, as well as a remote control to assist in making all essential adjustments to the facial bed.

Static v Adjustable

An adjustment feature is necessary to meet both your own and your client’s needs. There are different adjustment points that are important with a facial bed. These factors include the angle of the head, the legs, and height. These adjustments enable the bed to accommodate both your clients’ and your own comfort needs. For instance, correcting for height is important, as a facial bed that is too high or too low will have an effect on the back and on your posture.