Stamps are handy in mailing letters and shipping packages. Moms should know where to buy stamps conveniently to avoid last-minute buying, especially when you have too many things to finish within the day.  

Colorful Vintage Used Postage Stamps in a pile

So, when you’re regularly sending greeting cards, checks, invoices, and other important documents keeping postage stamps handy is a good idea. But where can you find affordable and valid postage stamps? Read this busy mom’s guide to determine the best place to buy stamps for your mailing and shipping needs. 

  1. Post Office 

Stamps can be purchased from almost anywhere, especially if you’re near a post office. Of course, don’t expect that you’ll be the only person who will buy stamps. The customer service or teller queue can get long. So, make sure to visit your local post office early if you want to be one of the first customers to avoid the long line. 

But, if you only need stamps, you can use the electronic self-service kiosks instead. These kiosks don’t usually have a long line. However, specialty stamps aren’t available in kiosks. Learn more about self-service kiosks below. 

  1. Self-Service Kiosks 

If the full-service counter is busy or unavailable, a self-service kiosk is a great alternative. Self-service kiosks are helpful during Sundays when your local post office is closed. Moreover, the kiosks are available round-the-clock and very simple to use. Using a kiosk lets you add a stamp and place the item in the dropbox yourself. 

You can locate a self-service kiosk through the post office locator and follow the steps below: 

  • Choose ‘Self-Service Kiosks’ under ‘Location Types’ in the drop-down list. 
  • Fill in the city and state or just the ZIP Code of your residence in the empty field under the address information.  
  • Under ‘Within,’ choose how far you’re willing to go to use a self-service kiosk. 
  • Once you click on ‘Search,’ you’ll see a list of Postal Services with kiosks closest to your location. 
  1. Buy Postage Stamps Online 

Online postage pertains to a web-based service to pay for stamps electronically, securing shipping capabilities. You can use a mailing app to buy stamps online, and the courier will pick up and deliver the parcel.  

An online postage software program allows users to buy and print stamps. Users can also pay for shipping labels and print them out. In addition, the other features of such software include package tracking, reports integration, and digital address book.  

The advantages of buying stamps online include the following: 

  • Cost-Effective: Save money on fuel when driving in the post office and the shipping discounts you can get when buying stamps online. Shipping insurance and bulk shipment discounts can provide you with tons of savings. 
  • Save Time: The closest post office of courier in your residence might be a couple of kilometers away. If you buy stamps online, you can save precious time and avoid the long queues and traffic. With online postage, print your label, and the courier will pick up your document or parcel wherever you are in the country. 
  • Maximize Shipment Options: Print the postage details and take advantage of affordable shipping options. If you sell online as a part-time job or have an online shop, then you can offer more shipping options to your customers while managing your children and household chores. 
  1. Retailers 

Retailers also sell stamps. You can buy stamps in convenience or grocery stores, office supply stores, and pharmacies. Buying stamps on a Sunday is possible through retailers, allowing you to enjoy shopping for the things you need at home.  

Busy moms won’t miss sending essential emails or parcels even when the post office is closed. However, retailers usually sell booklets and not individual stamps. But buying booklets is an advantage, allowing you to access stamps immediately whenever you need them. 

  1. Banks 

You can also buy stamps in some credit unions and banks, depending on the location, through automated teller machines (ATM) and tellers. It pays off visiting the bank’s website to determine if they sell stamps in specific locations.  

Because moms are busy with errands, it pays off buying stamps in the bank if you’re going there anyway. Buy stamps from the teller or ATM to save time, especially when you need to go to the supermarket or anywhere else after the transaction. 

  1. Antique Stores 

Are you looking for collectible stamps? If collecting stamps is your stress-reliever from your motherhood obligations, you can buy old stamps at specialty booths and antique stores. Stamp collectors or philatelists can also purchase collectible stamps online. 

Investing in stamps is worth it. Moms who love to collect stamps can make good money with old ones in the long run. The prices of old stamps differ, depending on the age, design, and specialty markings. Ensure that the collectible stamps you’ll be purchasing are legit and not copies. So, only deal with reputable antique stores by reviewing customers’ feedback online.  

  1. Individual Sellers 

You can also buy postage stamps online through individual or private sellers via online marketplaces and social media networks. These sellers usually purchase bulky stamps at discounted rates and offer them online at regular or higher prices. If you’re looking for specialty stamps, you might want to consider buying them from private sellers to save time and money than driving in a local post office. 

  1. People You Know 

Yes, you can also buy postage stamps from your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, or anybody you know who keeps some. So, why not post a question on your social media inquiring anyone who sells postage stamps? You might be surprised to know that a lot of your social media friends are willing to give you specialty postage stamps for free.


Moms are busy with so many things. Hence, early buying of stamps is important to avoid missing sending important mails and packages. Stamps for sale are everywhere. Moms can easily buy stamps online, local post offices, retailers, banks, mailers, and antique stores. So, whether you’re regularly mailing or shipping items or collecting stamps, you can apply the tips above to save time, effort, and some money too.