It is a common maxim that excess of everything is bad. Same goes for weight. Either your weight is more or less than what you should have, you are vulnerable to problems of multiple kinds. Nowadays, there is a trend going on to be as slim as possible and many people are wronged owing to their insecurities regarding their weight. Supplements, miracle teas, diets claiming to lose weight within days are nothing more than scams looking to exploit your soft spots. However, losing weight is not impossible. What we are proposing is that you don’t seek shortcuts and work your way towards losing your weight through proper channels like considering having a Gastric Band Surgery. Following points will help you attain your goal with relative ease.

What is the role of Dieting in weight loss?

Whether dieting helps weight loss or not is a highly debated topic. Various studies prove that though we can talk about how much diet affects us, there is consensus that it plays a vital role in losing weight. It’s common sense that if you keep on eating fatty foods, it is highly unlikely that you will see tangible results even with weight loss exercises. Eating smaller and healthier portions is often recommended to those trying to lose weight, though some can find that difficult and may consider undergoing a Gastric Sleeve Turkey procedure to help facilitate portion control.

Can we lose weight in limited time?

Sadly, weight loss cannot happen overnight. There is no scientifically proven program to lose weight in a week or a month. Also, it varies on a lot of factors like your diet, your calorie intake, types of exercises, amount of time consumed in exercises. However, in time sensitive cases, it is beneficial to practice high interval training and brisk exercises like running.

According to Consumer Reviews’ in-house team research, they tested the K3 Spark Mineral for three months and obtained significant results, reinforcing the importance of patience and consistency in achieving lasting weight loss. Focus on long-term lifestyle changes rather than quick solutions for a healthier and sustainable journey to a slimmer you.

Can we lose weight by drinking water?

Studies have proven that drinking water can help you lose weight. The way it works is that by drinking loads of water, you fill up your appetite and it can help satisfy your cravings of eating junk. It should be kept in mind that drinking water alone won’t help. Weight loss occurs when things work in collaboration with others.

How do Calories affect your weight?

Calorie is a unit to measure energy body gains from food. This energy is needed to keep your body functioning. Just like another machine, your body needs a specific amount of energy to work optimally. Extra calories are stored as fat. 

The amounts of calories needed depends on your lifestyle. An active body will need more calories to function. Moreover, your age, gender, height also impacts your calories intake. It is very important to know how much calories you have to take either you are losing weight or gaining. Estimated energy requirement calculator can help you to find your optimal calorie intake.

Does Sleep affects weight loss?

Weight patterns can be easily disturbed when you do not get enough sleep. As you sleep less, you lose energy to carry out daily tasks and then to overcome this energy loss you eat more than you should. So, an adequate sleeping pattern is essential.

Should Carbs be avoided?

Although it is said that to lose weight stay away from carbs. But not all carbs are harmful. Your body needs everything, you just have to take care that it doesn’t consume anything more than it should. Certain carbs like jasmine rice can help you stay fuller and maintain the appetite.