Choosing suitable packaging for your product can be a challenging decision. While the right packaging choice may be different for every company, a few universal considerations can help you decide which option is ideal. Find out how to choose the best packaging for your product.

Consider Your Business Product

The most important thing to keep in mind is your product when selecting packaging. For example, packaging for candles should consider both an appealing aesthetic as well as protecting the candle. It is important to find a balance between functionality and appearance.

The next most important aspect of the selection process is how your product will interact with consumers. The way that your product engages consumers is a multifaceted event that is built on a foundation of expert understanding.

Who Are the Consumers?

Identify who will be consuming your product. This process can be tricky. For example, if you are marketing a snack product for middle schoolers, you will want to market to both middle school children and their parents to increase the likelihood of making a sale. Child resistant mylar bags are a drawing point for parents who have younger children who need to wait in between eating times. 

What Makes It Convenient?

Packaging that is resealable, easy to transport, and smell proof is traditionally the best option for nearly any product. Another way to test the convenience of your potential packaging is to identify what aspects of convenient packaging you yourself look for when buying a product. The best way to determine if you are meeting the convenience needs of your consumer is to collect data from a target demographic group. 

How Will It Look?

Depending on your product and your consumer demographic, your business will best benefit from packaging that matches the intent of your product. If the product is no-nonsense granola, the packaging will be a flexible, recyclable material with an open window to look at the contents; the container will likely be a natural-looking standup pouch placed on the cereal shelves of a natural food store or among similar products. If your product is temporary hair color, the mylar packaging should be just as colorful and extra sturdy to prevent leaks. 

How Is It Sustainable?

Post-consumer recycled plastic packaging communicates your business’s commitment to the environment and your consumers’ convenience. PCR  means that the materials used are at the end of their life, being made from recycled materials to get to the packaging form they are in currently. Not every consumer has access to recycling facilities or pickups in their area. Consumers need only dispose of them properly when they are empty, and everyone has fulfilled their duty of being green.

Determine the Best Packaging Options

Besides convenient and aesthetically pleasing options, there are other Mylar bags and packaging choices for your product to stand out on the shelves while showcasing the best features.

  • Lay flat pouches 
  • Stand up pouches 
  • Child resistant pouches 
  • Rollstock 
  • Films 
  • Sustainable options with digital printing 

When determining which packaging is ideal for your product, consider your market focal points and then decide which is the best way to display your wares to them to match the goals of your business.