Rollerblades are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after equipment for recreation, sport, and fitness purposes among men worldwide. Comfortable on the feet, they enable men of all possible ages to take off on easy and challenging rinks, outdoor tracks, and sports arenas.

Invariably, buying the perfect roller blades for men is a must, as they will determine how quickly and efficiently someone can skate. First-timers might find it challenging to pick the most suitable skates for themselves, owing to the plethora of options available.

However, the information below can help you make an informed choice, ensuring you begin your roller skating experience in absolute comfort and safety.

Buy the Right Size

Roller skating is becoming increasingly popular on campuses across the country, with students taking to the pathways on their skates to reach far-away classes and distant parts of the premises. Several of them also indulge in the activity purely for fitness and recreational reasons.

But to skate well, it is important to invest in the perfect size roller blades, carefully considering the fact that men’s skates are different from women’s. Ideally, you should buy a size slightly larger than your feet, so there is freedom to wiggle your toes. Otherwise, you may end up with skates that are too tight to wear, making the experience less enjoyable. 

If you buy from a physical store, you can try the skates and leave them on for at least ten minutes. This will help you understand how comfortable they are on your feet and if you can skate in them with ease.

Consider Fitness Blades for Workout Purposes

Men who are bored of working out at the gym can invest in rollerblades that enable them to burn calories while enjoying the fresh air. Moreover, it is an excellent way to spend quality time with your family, friends, or partner.

If you are an experienced skater, you can opt for inline skates that are more challenging to use, ensuring you have a rigorous workout. Otherwise, look for outdoor quad models with soft wheels, especially if you plan to use them in challenging rinks and uneven surfaces. They provide an effortless grip and ensure you run smoothly over rough asphalt, pebbles, and other obstacles.

Boot Type

Choosing a hard or soft boot is a matter of personal preference and depends primarily on how you plan to use the blades. 

For instance, soft boots (or shells) are generally more comfortable for regular use and allow proper ventilation. They are ideal for teenage boys just about to make their skating debut. 

In contrast, hard boots are best suited for expert rollerbladers as they are more steady and enable the user to have complete control during use.

When it comes to material, you can pick leather, vinyl, and a myriad of other options. Leather ones are costlier but more durable, while the other options may be more economical and excellent for short-term or irregular use.

Inspect the Brakes and Closing System

Roller blades for men typically come pre-mounted with brakes which can be shifted to the other boot easily. It is essential to check the type and quality of these brakes before making the final purchase, as they will determine how swiftly you can stop. 

Since these parts get worn out with long-term or rough use, it is prudent to invest in an extra pair as a precaution. Similarly, you should study which closing system is most suitable and convenient for you to use before you buy a blade. 

Most inline skates come with laces and buckles, which are very easy to use, and specific models have an additional wire-tightening feature that enables you to tighten the skates by turning a tiny knob. 

Therefore, find a closing feature that you find most comfortable to use and try it a couple of times before making the purchase.

Extra Gear

Investing in appropriate and adequate safety gear is as crucial as buying the right rollerblades. This is all the more essential for men who plan to rollerblade professionally and compete in various tournaments, as it will protect them from injuries in case of falls.

Therefore, ensure you get a sturdy helmet to protect your head during speed races and high-intensity skating workouts. Also, invest in durable knee, shoulder, and elbow pads to prevent skin chafing if you fall and are dragged a certain distance. You can get a mouthguard (although optional) if you are about to participate in an especially challenging race.

Wearing loose-fitting clothes that enable you to move freely is also critical, as ill-fitted clothes may restrict movements and lead to unfortunate falls. If you are teaching young boys how to rollerblade for the very first time, consider getting a safety net, as it can help break falls and prevent injuries with efficiency.