Making a New Year’s resolution is easy. It’s sticking to the resolution that’s the hard part. Cleanliness, tidiness and decluttering are often goals that people have going into the New Year, but it’s important to establish some organizational habits that are sustainable and can set you on the path for success. 

Credit: Sarah Brown via Unsplash

The reality is, daily cleaning goals may seem ambitious, but setting the goal to give everything a place, and return it to its place, is a whole lot more doable. 

The good news is, there are plenty of solutions to help you get and, more importantly, keep your home organized. Use these tips to keep your “new year, new home” mentality well into the new year ahead. 

Hire a Professional Organizing Service

Be realistic about the time you have. Your organizational goals may be less about you doing the physical organization, and more about you getting the help you need to keep your home organized. Consider hiring a professional organizing and decluttering service, like NEATSPACES who can give you that extra support you need to keep your space tidy. 

Make it a Family Affair

Set a goal for the whole family. While some resolutions require a solo effort, getting organized doesn’t have to be one of them. Getting your family involved in the organization process, as they’ve likely helped cause the clutter and chaos, will help you to keep organized and are good skills for kids of any age to learn. 

Purge Your Belongings

When your space is overflowing with clutter, it’s hard to imagine getting it stored away neatly. Parting with unnecessary belongings will help make the organization feel less overwhelming and make organizational systems you set up easier to maintain.

Before you decide on belongings to get rid of, make sure you know what you plan to do with them. Having different containers for garbage, donation, selling or gifting will help ensure your decluttered items don’t end up cluttering spaces with no place to go.

Tackle Room by Room

Start small rather than beginning home organization with a big ambition of organizing the entire house. When you start a task with a giant, seemingly insurmountable task, that’s when procrastination rears its head. By starting small, you will be more likely to start or begin the job and less likely to leave it halfway through.

Breaking up the job into smaller, more manageable tasks makes them easier to manage and finish. Dividing the project room by room will give you a boost of pride and energy each time you tackle and complete the organization of a room.

Bonus Tip: Start in the Entryway

The entryway is usually a small area to tackle. During winter, there’s often plenty of mittens, scarves, hats, and boots cluttering up the space that can be easily organized into baskets or containers. If your storage space is limited, try using hooks and baskets and a shoe organizer. Instead of tripping over boots and shoes when you get home, you’ll be welcomed home to a clean and organized space and that will make you want the same feeling throughout the house.

Beginning the year with a clean, decluttered, organized home will help you head into the coming months completely refreshed and ready to take on all the excitement of a brand-new year.