Blended families are becoming more common by the day with 1,300 new ones being formed daily in the USA. Every marriage, irrespective of how happy the couple is, requires hard work to make it work, however. Apart from the normal obstacles married couples face, those in a modern-day blended family also have to contend with stepchildren and possible ex-spouses. Thankfully, with some effort, even the most complex of blended marriages can result in a blissful union. Here are a few handy tips to help ensure that your blended marriage gets off to a good start.

Romantic Date Couple

Don’t Overthink Your Wedding

It is very natural to feel somewhat overwhelmed when you find yourself planning your second wedding. Despite remarriage becoming increasingly popular in the USA, walking down the aisle yet again can be very stressful unless you make a conscious decision to make it a light-hearted and truly memorable experience. If you give it enough thought you will realize that there is considerably less pressure on you to please anyone but yourself and your partner. One thing that is important though, is making sure that all the children feel included in the proceedings. There are various ways they can get involved, from forming part of the bridal party to helping with the planning of the wedding itself. Don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with but make sure they know that they are loved and valued.

Spend Quality Time with Your Spouse

As a new blended family, it is very easy to focus all your attention on the children and forget completely that you are newlyweds. While the children should definitely be a priority and undoubtedly always will be, it can end up being very detrimental to your marriage if you and your spouse do not make time for each other as well.  Be intentional in planning time alone with your spouse whether it is a weekly or monthly date night or an hour a day that is set aside for just the two of you. In addition to spending time alone with each other, it is also vital that each of you spend quality alone time with your own children.  You will have plenty of time to spend together as a wonderful new blended family so there is no need to make that your sole focus.  

Don’t Sacrifice Your Own Identity

In a blended family, the marriage or partnership between the couple is the only thing that ties the two families. Without this bond, there would be no blended family. Regardless of this, it is, however, extremely important that neither partner ever sacrifices their own identity for the sake of the family unit. Continue to pursue any hobbies or interests you might have had prior to getting married. Spend time with your friends, within reasonable boundaries of course, and allow your spouse to do the same. If you forget who you were before you got married, chances are good that serious regret will set in at some point.

Having a blended family is a huge blessing. With just a bit of effort your new marriage can get off to a good start from the get-go.