Cooking baby food at home is easy, cost-effective, and safe. When you make baby food, you’re more in control of what your baby eats, and it’s much healthier than processed baby formulas.

Whether you want to try homemade baby food recipes or prefer homemade meals over store-bought baby foods, you need kitchen equipment. In other words, you need the tools to prepare the meals. Hence, we gathered 5 must-have kitchen appliances for baby food prep in Canada to set you in the right direction.

Nevertheless, you should also be careful when selecting the actual kitchen electronics. To ensure great food, you should go for the best value within your budget. High-quality appliances also last longer. It is therefore important to read reviews on kitchen appliances to find the right equipment for preparing the best homemade baby food.

The best part? These must-have kitchen appliances will serve you well as your baby grows into childhood, and they might keep helping you with the next child, too. Without further ado, let’s get to the meat of it.

1. Blender

You don’t necessarily need a Vitamix, but a blender is a must-have kitchen appliance for baby food prep in Canada. Why? Because most homemade baby food requires a blender to prepare, it’s essential for making dips, sauces, smoothies, omelets, and much more.

Blenders can also help you save time because you don’t need to cut, chop, or slice food. Put it in a blender and have it ready within a few minutes.

We recommend you get a separate blender for preparing baby food other than the general use blender in your kitchen. We also recommend that you avoid using an all-in-one blender, and we’ll tell you why shortly.

For now, you may want to know that a dedicated blender to prepare baby food is the best route to take. It’ll help you cook the meals much faster than if you prepared them by hand. The last thing you want is wasting time cooking a quick meal for a screaming, hungry baby.

2. Steamer

Steam cooking is best for baby food because it retains more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than dry-heat cooking. So, a steamer is another must-have kitchen appliance to prepare baby food at home.

A steamer will also let your baby enjoy the rich flavors of fruits and vegetables without missing the valuable nutrients. You may also use a steamer to defrost pre-prepared frozen meals for the baby.

You can do more with a steamer than cooking food, and you can use it as a sterilizer to sterilize utensils, pacifiers, bottles, and much more.

3. Food Processor

Thanks to its mixing, grinding, slicing, and shredding capabilities, a food processor is a much-needed kitchen appliance for baby food prep. It extends your ability to prepare complex meals for the baby. Therefore, you can give your baby the proteins, amino acids, and vitamins to grow healthy. Furthermore, an all-in-one food processing unit could replace many kitchen appliances.

However, it is essential to be more vigilant when choosing your kitchen appliances. You want to pick the best value for your money. Premium appliances also last much longer. Reading reviews from reputable websites is a great way to start. You can check out Comfynorth, which provides honest reviews for kitchen and home appliances. They also have a review about the best food processors in Canada. 

4. Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is another vital piece of the puzzle of preparing homemade baby food.

It’s a quick way to defrost frozen food to prepare it. Plus, you can also use it to reheat frozen prepared meals. If you prepare the baby’s meals in batches, a microwave oven is essential to increase convenience.

A steam oven might be an alternative to a microwave because it goes beyond reheating baby food; it can cover as a steam cooker. In other words, it’s ready to do the same functions as a microwave but faster. Unlike a microwave, it won’t dry the food.

A dutch oven could also be an efficient way to cook and reheat baby food, especially older babies who digest solid foods.

Whatever you choose, a reheating unit is a must-have kitchen appliance.

5. Food Containers

While preparing baby food in advance, storage becomes an inconvenience. That’s why baby food containers have become an essential kitchen appliance for baby food prep. 

Plus, storage containers preserve the food and keep it fresh until it’s time to reheat it. You can also use them to organize and store baby food in your fridge safely.

A versatile kit is a must in your arsenal throughout the baby’s development stage. Think of it as a tiny lunchbox to keep the food warm, safe, and moist. It’ll become handy when you’re on the move or traveling as you’ll need to keep the baby’s food intact at all times.


While we shared 5 must-have kitchen appliances for baby food prep in Canada, there’s more. You can assess your baby’s nutrition needs and add or subtract other devices. You can also go for an all-in-one kitchen appliance if you are on a tight budget. However, we don’t recommend it because you can’t prepare baby food quickly if it stops working unexpectedly. So, it’s best to get separate units for each need, as we covered in this article.