As you enter into your adult years, you may think your days of partying — and fun — are behind you. We’ve all got our errands to run and a long list of “To Do” items that seems to never end. Who has the time to go to a party anymore? Especially not if it means a night of disrupted REM cycles or nursing a hangover the following day. One popular way to cure a hangover is by getting a hangover IV treatment. This involves receiving an intravenous drip of a specially formulated solution that contains vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

Fun doesn’t have to cost you. You can have a night with your friends and still make it to your early morning spin class or PTA meeting the next day. The answer is simple — throw a fun sober adult party! By choosing mocktail options that taste just like the real thing, such as delicious non-alcoholic rosé, you can host a party reminiscent of the old days but without any of the disruptions to your schedule the following day.

You and your guests will be able to stay on top of all those adult responsibilities while still making time for a night of memories together. Here are some ways to create the perfect sober party environment that will make all of your adult friends feel welcome — without feeling like anything is missing. 

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Provide Your Guests with a Classy Mocktail — Set the tone for a classy soirée with an adult beverage minus the actual alcohol. A spritzer made from a non-alcoholic wine and a fruity soda is all the night needs to get off to a classy start. Who said mocktails can’t look and taste just like the real thing?

Present your guests with their classy mocktail from your bar cart as they enter your party. It’s the perfect way to greet them and get them in the party mood, without feeling like they’re drinking juice. They’ll feel instantly at ease with something adult-like to hold in their hands as they mingle around the room. 

There’s just something about a bubbly drink that creates an elegant atmosphere. Mix a non-alcoholic rosé wine with a lemon-lime soda in a champagne or wine glass, add a slice of fruit or berries as a garnish, and you’ve got an elegant mocktail in no time.

Add in a Bit of Competition — Turn up the fun by tapping into your guests’ competitive side. Hold a contest to see who can create their own best version of a mocktail drink at your sober adult party. Award points for different categories such as flavor, presentation and overall creativity. Winner gets a prize plus bragging rights!

Don’t Forget About the Beer Lovers — No need to worry about your craft beer drinking friends; they can come to your sober party too. You can provide them with the flavors they love in a non-alcoholic craft beer that they’re sure to enjoy just as much. By providing your beer-loving friends with the flavors they’re familiar with, you’ll help them feel right at home as they mingle with your other guests who are holding mocktails. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Include Everyone with an Open Door Policy — The best part of a sober adult party is that everyone can be invited. The more friends you can have in attendance at your get-together will just make the party that much more enjoyable. 

Your sober adult party will ensure that no one feels excluded or has a reason to not join in on the fun. Friends of any age and from any walk of life can come knowing they won’t have anything to worry about. Whether it be friends that are pregnant, colleagues training for their fitness goals, the early morning risers or just anyone looking to stay sober — they can all come, feel comfortable and have a great time.  

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All of the Fun Without Any of the Headache — You know what makes a sober party even more fun? Knowing you won’t wake up with a headache or a need to find the nearest greasy food option the following day. 

A sober party is a fun, classy event because all of your guests can confidently know they’ll be able to go about their typical lives the next morning with no disruptions caused by a hangover. They’ll get all of the fun memories and none of the headaches. Your guests will thank you and be begging you to host again ASAP.

Additionally, we can argue that the best part of a sober adult party is being able to rest assured knowing your guests will arrive home safely at the end of the night. One study found that approximately one-third of fatal car crashes in the U.S. involved drunk drivers. No alcohol means no need for designated drivers and no need to worry about your loved ones. Remove the stress of finding a ride so you can free up your friends to enjoy their time even more at your sober party.

In summary, it is possible to throw a sober party for adults that is indeed fun. All you need are some classy non-alcoholic beverages, a little creativity (and maybe some competition!), as many friends as you can grab and a night full of memories that’ll last a lifetime.