With travel restrictions being lifted up, just like us, many parents must be all eager to travel and get out of the confines of your home. Being at home on months on end with the never ending work from home and the trying to raise kids simultaneously has got us all exhausted.

While you are all set for your holiday with all the baby essentials, we will strongly suggest you add one more product to your essentials list based on our own travel experience with children. It is the Travel Stroller— this will make your holiday experience easier and better and will also help protect your back.

Trust me a baby carrier is not the solution – after moving around and sightseeing the whole day your back will give up and even your child will be exhausted with the heat and sweat.

A travel stroller comes as a blessing and has loads of features like the traditional and umbrella strollers, but unlike both it is more compact, sleek, and foldable.

If you have a newborn, you may also have to buy an infant carrier to attach to the travel stroller. We will also suggest you think about buying a portable travel crib – it is a blessing for smaller kids. Parentingnmore.com has very interesting articles on both travel strollers and portable travel cribs with reviews of some of the best products you could choose from.

In this article we will give you some interesting pointers as to what you need to look at while selecting a travel stroller for your child.

Tips to buy the right travel stroller

Even before you start looking at options for baby travel strollers, you will need to first consider and understand where and how you want to use the stroller.

Whether you want to buy one for all terrain or you want one to fit into small places, do you want it for long strolls and walking through the amusement parks, and last but not the least, how much are you willing to shell out for a stroller/travel stroller.

Once you are clear with your purpose, here are some tips which will help you pick the right travel stroller for your much-awaited holiday with your child:


The number one thing to consider while buying a travel stroller is the weight. If your travel stroller is supremely heavy the whole purpose of travelling with a travel stroller is defeated.

The idea is to remain hassle free and have ease of movement. Hence, it is absolutely essential that you buy a stroller that is light in weight.

You will have to push it, carry it, and fold it quite frequently; so if it is heavy, it could transform your vacation into a gym workout. A lightweight stroller will require minimal effort from your end leaving you with enough energy to enjoy your vacation.

Compact & Easy to fold

It’s important to understand that while travelling you may come through places where you may need to fold and store the travel stroller. You cannot predict the space available at your disposal but you can try and make it simple for you.

Hence, go for a travel stroller that is not only foldable but compact as well.

Size of the canopy

It all depends upon the type of travel you are fond of. If you are more of an outdoor person, then for your child you should get a larger canopy to safeguard them from the sun.

However, if you are more of a mall-hopping and spa-loving individual, you could do without a canopy altogether.

It’s good if you have a travel stroller with an adjustable or removable canopy. You could also get an attachable canopy separately for the days you are going out in sun.

stroller baby

Adjustable seats

Children tend to take naps while they are in the travel stroller. Hence, it’s good to have a stroller which has adjustable seats would be of a great help. It also keeps your precious cargo comfortable.

You could also get a stroller whose seat can go completely flat. It becomes really helpful during diaper changes outdoors.

Built-in straps or carry case

When you are out, your baby may not always be in the travel stroller. There would be times that you may have to carry the stroller around. It really would help if you had a travel stroller with built in straps or even a carry case in which you can place the stroller comfortably.

But also remember that it should be easy to use for you as well, else it would lay around the house gathering dust.

Safety harness

It is very important that your child is safe in the travel stroller. Always check if the harnesses provided are enough to provide not only security but also freedom of movement for your kid.

This will bring the much needed peace to your mind when you are finally letting yourself loose on your holiday.

Final thoughts

So remember to check out the above 6 pointers while picking up the travel stroller to suit your specific travel needs. Along with the travel stroller, also try considering a portable travel crib. Both these items will not only provide comfort to your baby but will also help you manage your child easily during traveling. 

So what are you waiting for? Just book your tickets and fly off to your next holiday destination!