Home renovation is a great idea for starting families. Issues like room space and function are a normal point of concern especially as your kids start to grow in number. 

Creating more personalized areas in the home is one way of addressing those issues, but there are smarter ways to go about it. Maybe you can even modify some previously unused areas of the house like the garage or the attic.

Here are some ideas that may help you.

Bath tub

Bathroom Upgrades 

Having a family-friendly bathroom doesn’t automatically mean customizing it for the kids. What you want is a good balance. For example, you can add textured tiles to the floor to prevent slipping of family members, young and old. Add both a shower and bathtub ( a small bathtub might do) to give your family bathing options.

Invest in a big enough vanity that can hold bathroom essentials and hide eyesores. Fitted furniture made especially for your bathroom can give you a lot of storage.

Don’t be afraid to punch some holes to let the sun in and provide some great views for the family to enjoy while in the loo.

Attic playroom 

Turn your dark and dusty attic into the playroom you can all enjoy. 

Assuming the space is big enough, the first thing you want to do is ensure your children’s safety. Draftsman often suggests to cover the attic floor with a colorful wall-to-wall carpet and bring some color into it. 

Next, bring some light into the playroom. Add some skylights or consider adding a sunroof to illuminate the entire space.

Finally, add some built-in furniture like window seats and benches. Before you know it, everyone’s going to want to hang out here when they’re feeling lazy.

Coach house 

If you aren’t planning on putting anything in your garage, it could serve as the perfect coach house. 

Coach houses are multi-functional spaces created from converted garages. They can serve as work spaces or even children’s playrooms. 

You or your children can make use of the shared home office for online classes and conferences. Commissioning a conversion will definitely cost some money but will be worth it in the long run.

Indoor tree house

If you want a visual centerpiece to make your home interior stand out, you can’t get more fun than this. 

Some homeowners like to go for a simple tree with a slide, while others go for a full treehouse. Ladders, bridges, and climbable nets are usual additions to a full treehouse experience.

Your kids will love playing in it and it will make for a fun conversation starter whenever you have guests. Don’t be surprised if you or your significant other find yourself taking a snooze in it as well.

Bring down the walls to open up your space

Some homes may feel too constrained for a growing family. The bedrooms might be big but come at the cost of a small living room. 

One handy solution is to just knock down the walls in one or two rooms to open up the space a little more. 

This open-concept  approach is useful for multi-tasking activities. You can cook, watch tv and even sort the laundry while watching your kids play across the house. It’s great for starting families since you’ll have more time to bond together.

Final words

Whether you’re living in an old house or a newly-built one, there’s always room for a few more improvements, especially if these home renovations will benefit your family. It’s great to keep in mind that your family’s needs are going to constantly change over time. Designing a family-friendly home this early will let you get a head start on things.