Disclosure: I was provided with a Sparkle Mat to try; all opinions are my own.

I struggle with being cold a lot, and also aches and pains from daily activities. As a busy mom, I struggle to balance work life, shuttling the kids from one thing to another, working at home, and due to Covid restrictions, I log many hours of sitting in a cold car.

I often find myself on a heating pad in the evening after being on my feet all day at work. I had never heard of Sparkle Mats until recently, but was quite interested in trying it out for myself.

Photo credit: SparkleMats.com

This is not just your usual heating pad. There are so many facets to Sparkle Mats!

  • Hot Gemstone Therapy – much like hot stone therapy you would find at the spa! This mat includes amethyst and tourmaline gemstones, known for their healing properties.
  • Far Infrared Therapy – an invisible form of light, and the sun’s most energizing radiant heat, thought to help repair damaged tissue and increase blood circulation
  • Negative Ion Therapy – the sparkle mat produces negative ions, helping to balance out too many positive ions
  • PEMF –  also known as Electromagnetic Therapy (EMT), used in many ways for healing
  • Red Light Therapy – This light wavelength has many therapeutic benefits 

The mat comes in three sizes. I have the portable (20″ x 20″), but there are two larger sizes, the mini and the full size. I love my mini because I have it set up on the couch and I can turn it on when I get home or in the evening, and it feels so nice on my back when I sit down. But you can utilize the larger mats for your entire body, which is a nice option to have.

I also enjoy its therapeutic qualities. Sometimes it is menstrual cramps, general aches, or I recently was experiencing some unpleasant back pain. The mat was able to offer me relief.

You can adjust the temperature and if you want to use the lights. When my lower back was really bugging me, I made sure I had the lights on to get the full effects of the mat.

You can see the gems in the Sparkle Mats, with 2.7 lbs of amethyst crystal and 10 artisan tourmaline disks.

My two cats have literally been fighting over the Sparkle Mat! One will lay down for a nap and then the cats will fight over it, or one gets up for a moment and the other moves in.

If it isn’t one of the cats, my kids also love the Sparkle Mat. Someone is always taking my spot on the couch and enjoying the mat if I’m not already sitting on it!

I have been enjoying this mat in several ways. My Sparkle Mat has been wonderful, and I use it every day. I use this when I get home after work or in the evening before bed, and it is nice to have some soothing and therapeutic heating.

Visit Sparkle Mats at https://sparklemats.com/

You can purchase Sparkle Mats on their website and also at Amazon.