Every woman dreams of a radiant and flawless complexion. But not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with healthy skin that looks ageless over the years. Aging is not the only concern because stress, unhealthy lifestyles, and environmental pollution can wreak havoc on your complexion. While makeup goes a long way in concealing the flaws, it is only a quick fix. Looking beautiful is not about makeup, rather it is about a makeover. You will need it at some point to address skin problems and maintain your complexion well. Here are some signs you must get a makeover sooner rather than later. 

Your skin appears flaky

Flaking is a serious issue as it indicates dead skin cells. You are more likely to experience this problem if you do not exfoliate regularly. The dead cells layer the surface and prevent your skincare products from penetrating deeper. It means that they will not nourish your skin, no matter how good they are. The most evident sign of flakiness is a streaky and uneven appearance when you blend on the foundation. 

Your complexion feels extra-oily

Moist skin gives you better chances of keeping wrinkles at bay, but you must understand the difference between moisture and oiliness. Your skin often produces extra oil when it craves moisture. An oily appearance means that your complexion is off-balance. It could also indicate underlying issues like stress, genetics, and medical conditions. Your specialist may recommend treatment to resolve the problem effectively and make the effects last. 

You see open pores

Another sign to get a makeover is visible and prominent open pores. Although they expand naturally with aging, you may aggravate the problem by going slack with skincare. A build-up of dead skin and oil can make the pores appear larger. Likewise, excessive sun exposure can deplete collagen and damage elasticity. Your specialist will recommend medical aesthetics treatment to resolve the concern effectively. Consider it as an investment to keep your complexion looking ageless over the years. 

Your makeup never stays in place 

If your makeup fails to stay long enough, you definitely need a makeover. Initially, you may feel that something is wrong with your products or technique. But something may be wrong deeper down when changing your products or technique does not help. Look for signs such as your makeup slipping off, looking flaky, or not blending the way it once did. It is time to see a specialist and get a complete evaluation. 

You break out frequently

You may have a severe problem if new skin products and cosmetics cause sudden breakouts. The last thing you want to deal with while aging is pimples and scars because you already have wrinkles and fine lines to manage. If you suffer from a combination of problems, do not just think you have sensitive skin. You need help from an expert, so get it right away. 

Skin problems become more dominant as you age, but timely treatment can retain its beauty and glow down the line. Watch out for these warning signs and get help at the earliest.