There is no defined time for bringing the baby outside. It’s different for all mothers. Some mothers prefer to go out with the baby as soon as they can, and those prefer to wait until a certain time when they feel comfortable. Whichever a mother chooses to take the baby out, it’s paramount that they prepare well. It can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but when you are organized, it will be comfortable. 

It’s necessary to think about where you will take your baby. It may be stressful and uncomfortable if you go to a crowded place, which is also busy and noisy. Also, you may have a calm and peaceful outing just by taking a walk near your home.

Whether going out for a while or longer, you must still consider some essentials to prepare. Read through this article to learn more such as the best nappy bags for babies.

  1. Pack Your Baby Bag

Ensure to have all the essentials in the bag i.e.: 

  • Don’t forget diapers (not one or two but enough), baby wipes, nappy rash cream, disposable diaper bags, changing mat, and bibs in your bag.  
  • Carry a set or two of clothes for the baby and an outfit for yourself (in case the baby vomits on you).  
  • If you are breastfeeding, you need to carry spare breast pads and a large muslin to cover your baby for privacy when you need to breastfeed in public.  
  • Have expressed milk in sterilized bottles in a cool bag and use within four hours.  
  • If you are feeding your child on formula, you should have a flask of boiled water, a sterile container that has been pre-measured, and sterilized feeding bottles.  
  • A baby sling would also come in handy when the baby gets fussy while you’re on the move.  
  • Remember to carry your keys, purse, and fully charged mobile phone.

If you can, try and pack your baby bag the night before your outing. This way, you will have enough time to pack all essentials.

  1. Feed The Baby Before The Trip

It may be advisable to feed your baby before you go out. It will help avoid finding convenient places to feed the baby. As discussed in the previous point, have extra food (expressed milk and or formula) for your baby in the baby bag.

  1. Bring Extra Clothes

It’s possible to go out when the sun is hot then after a short time it begins to rain heavily. It means you should have a change of clothes in your baby bag (light clothing for the hot season and heavy clothing when it rains and becomes cold) to cater for both hot and cold weather.

  1. Cover Up Your Baby

It’s normal for new mothers to be concerned about exposing their little ones. Have a breathable cover for the baby. You can carry a thin blanket for dust protection as well as an umbrella that will cover the baby from the heat of the sun or raindrops.

  1. Choose Uncrowded Places

It’s recommended that on the first day out, babies should not be taken to busy places. It’s because they can be exposed to germs brought by those passers-by that may lead their exposure to infections. Ensure that anyone who would want to hold the baby washes their hands. Have hand sanitizer in your baby bag as well.

  1. Set A Time For A Short Trip

You could take the baby out for the first time for a short trip then see how they react to the outside world. It will help you learn how to prepare as you gradually increase the time for the outings.

  1. Consult Your Doctor

If you’re not sure about taking your baby out for the first time, you can call your doctor or pediatrician to inquire. This way, you’ll get professional advice and be comfortable with the idea of going out with your baby.

  1. Enjoy The First Day Out With Your Baby

Do not be worried too much about what to pack and how to handle your baby outside. When you feel ready, you can enjoy the moment without having to experience being unprepared.

Take Home

First-time experience taking the baby out should be memorable and enjoyable. You can make this happen by preparing the best way you can, including asking for advice from mothers who have had the experience. By that, you can avoid the stress of unexpected situations that might come your way.