Executive Assistants are a group that solve problems, organize information and plan strategically. They enjoy the most diverse careers as they wear many hats to make up this role where people can find themselves working since it is one of those jobs where you get paid well but don’t have any specific skills or training required for them specifically-you need common sense!

The average salary ranges from 50k-$75K depending on location, while some states offer even higher salaries if your qualifications meet specific requirements (such as being certified). Executive Assistants Training are crucial to the success of any business, as they make critical decisions and have a significant voice in office politics. They also contribute financially towards strategic direction for years at their company after being hired by someone with power over operations or finances.


To summarize, Executive Assistants are an integral part of many businesses. They help with various tasks to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace; some examples include answering phones during office hours or taking care of errands on behalf of their employers while maintaining professionalism at every turn! Numerous duties may fall under this category, but here’s just a few:

  • Calendaring
  • Organizing
  • Scheduling
  • IT troubleshooting
  • Managing perks
  • Providing strategic counsel
  • Managing payroll
  • Implementing processes
  • Onboarding/offboarding
  • Designing office layouts
  • Coordinating travel
  • Handling communications
  • Planning events

Key Skill

The best Executive Assistants have these key skills:

  • Tenacious resourcefulness in the face of impossibility
  • The capacity to remain calm under pressure and deal with any situation that arises
  • To resolve IT issues and develop solutions, you’ll need tech expertise.
  • To become valued confidants and advisors to bosses, big-picture thinking is required.
  • To get the vital tasks done, ruthless prioritizing is required.
  • To deal with sensitive material, absolute caution is required.
  • The perfect organization must maintain physical goods (supplies, for example) and job processes in good functioning condition.
  • Capacity to multitask intelligently to complete critical tasks
  • Acting on challenges before they become full-fledged problems requires supernatural foresight.
  • To collaborate successfully with people, you need emotional intelligence.
  • Expert-level communication in all scenarios to get vital messages across.


Salaries for Executive Assistants are among the highest in comparison to other occupations, earning an hourly wage at $57,410 (mean).


Reports show that Executive Assistants often work long hours. They don’t have set schedules, so they must be ready and willing to step up whenever duty calls them for their position as an executive assistant to make sense.

How to be an Executive Assistant When You’re New in this Field?

Executive Assistants Training can develop the skills and traits needed to succeed in various fields and learn the service-oriented mentality. This involves:

  • Sign up for a newsletter like The Assist, which gives new actionable information and insights every week to learn about the best practices and resources.
  • Constantly looking for ways to help others and jumping in without hesitation.
  • Always challenging processes and looking for ways to enhance them.
  • Responding to every inquiry in a timely and friendly manner.
  • Asking colleagues what they do at the firm, their department, their career objectives, and more is an excellent way to network with anybody and everyone.

Some people avoid the Executive Assistant job because it’s too thankless. However, this opens up a unique opportunity for those who want an entry-level position in business, where they can explore different career options and quickly build skills without years of on-the-job experience!

Here are some resources that will help you get started:

Volunteer to Gain Experience

The best way to get experience in an entry-level position is through volunteer work. Volunteering can give you the opportunity of working with different types, organizations and cultures, which will build your resume while at the same time giving back!

If Your Career is New

For a well-rounded job search, it is essential to look for opportunities to learn new skills. For example, if your current position involves working with numbers but not people, explore other fields where math would come in handy such as marketing or design!

If You Want to Change Jobs

You can fill in some gaps to make yourself more valuable by looking for opportunities that require your specific skillset. For example, if you’re already a master at creating presentations but don’t have any experience planning or managing business travel, then try volunteering, where this will be one of the things on your resume!

Discover The Tools and Techniques of The Profession

The more tools and tricks you know about, the better equipped your toolbox will be. In addition, you can quickly learn new things by signing up for The Assist – a weekly newsletter specifically designed to help EAs do their best work!

If Your Career is New

If you want to learn how other people can get things done, try their strategies out. The more experiments we conduct with others’ methods in our mind, the faster we will become an expert at whatever skills they possess!

If You Want to Change Jobs

The Assist is a book that will teach you how to be a practical executive assistant. The strategies it offers are designed for those looking to advance in their careers. Still, even if it’s just helping out friends or family, this guide has something valuable related at every step of the process – from finding clients who need your services all way through giving them top-notch customer service once they’re hired!

Offer to Help

If you’ve been noticing a little too much “busyness” from your co-workers, take the initiative and offer to help out. You can learn plenty of skills as an Executive Assistant without being in management!

If Your Career is New

The key to getting work done is breaking it down into small tasks. Master one thing before taking on anything else. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed by the entire project and understand precisely how long each task should take with enough time left over for other essential things in life too!

If You Want to Change Jobs

If you want to focus your efforts on certain key strategic areas, then offer assistance. Of course, you might not be able to provide ground-breaking ideas during these meetings; however, volunteering for tasks like typing (and circulating) meeting minutes it will make sure that all members are present and paying attention at every strategy session, gaining knowledge that could lead them down the path of innovation in their work!


It’s not always easy to become an executive assistant. You have to be a strong communicator, organized and detail-oriented and possess excellent interpersonal skills. The keys to success in this role are self-motivation and taking the initiative without needing a supervisor’s permission first. Suppose you’re interested in becoming an executive assistant but don’t know how or where to start. In that case, we can help guide your journey from beginning steps through executing on day-to-day responsibilities of an EA for high profile clients.