Do you have numerous holiday parties lined up? Whether you are reusing some classic pieces from your closet or got some holiday outfits from the Black Friday sale, these wardrobe essentials will prove to be useful. Don’t forget to accessorize, from jewelry to the perfect New Year’s nails!

If you are stuck on what to wear to your holiday parties, below are some of the best outfit ideas that will turn your eyes at any event. 

  1. Velvet 

Velvet is a sure bet for nearly all holiday events, and it’s big right now. It’s fairly simple to find something suitable for you.

Velvet could be versatile. You can select velvet pants, a top, or a velvet dress. Wearing it with wide-leg pants or jeans brings a luxurious touch to any casual outfit. 

  1. Lace 

Like velvet, another fabric that screams party is a lace that can be worn casually and formally. You can pick a lace dress for a formal party or dinner or place top to wear with jeans or pants if you wish a more casual look for a family dinner.

  1. Little black dress

A little black dress is one of the hardest working fashion essentials in your wardrobe and must surely be one of the items you invest in. A good LBD can take you anywhere, and the good thing about it is you can change up your access year after another to make it look different every party season.

There’s a reason black has remained a typical color of the evenings over the years. That’s because darker colors are less memorable, so you can wear them more often. You can pick a flattering dress yet understand. Add some interest by wearing a black pair of YSL Sunglasses Collection for Women

  1. Pastels 

Wearing light pastel colors is an eye-catching and unusual approach to holiday dressing and can surely become a talking point. That season, lilacs and pale pinks are in style. You can wear it with blacks to keep the outfit seasonally suitable.

However, your dark top does not have to be black. You can also consider wearing classy charcoal, chocolate brown, navy, or deep plum. Adding some lighter party skirts offers you contrast and makes a statement. 

  1. Metallics

Christmas is often connected with shiny baubles and sparkling lights. How can you guarantee you do not look like a Christmas tinsel? In that case, you can go for sophisticated metallic items that won’t simply add some shine to your outfit but a touch of class, as well. 

You can also go bold with a metallic dress. Note that metallics could offer you the ideal way to update your little black dress. Pop a metallic bolero over the top, and you’re good to go. 

  1. Men’s wear inspired suit

You don’t need to wear a dress for the holiday party season. In fact, a tuxedo can make you stand out from the crowd. Just make sure you choose feminine accessories to combine feminine and masculine. 

Which of these holiday party ideas are you willing to try?